Our goal in the preparation of this Black Book was to create high-value, high- quality content. . Ixia’s Black Book website at . The Ixia Black Book describes methodologies to verify SDN & OpenFlow functionality and performance so networks perform at their best. At Ixia, we know that the networking industry is constantly moving; we aim to be your technology partner through these ebbs and flows. We hope this Black Book .

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Distributed Denial of Service Denial of service attacks often use large numbers of computers that have been taken over by hackers.

Tunnel Rates Review the IPsec statistics indicating the tunnel initiation rate and the tunnel setup rate, by inspecting the following statistics: Spam is usually delivered by e-mail and in most cases, seeks to sell something through an included link.

Below are the required details to configure the Network Settings: Additionally, each deployment environment may require custom policies. The Settings window is shown in the following figure, and allows three different modes: It uses a configuration that allows the control of the test objective on a per DDoS attack pattern basis using different ratios between: Keep the remaining settings to their default values as highlighted in the following figure. The introduction describes what parameters affect latency and how to measure them.

They include test methodologies that can be used to verify device and system functionality and performance. Although the total number of vulnerabilities continues to grow, the rate of growth has stabilized over the last several years.

Ixia Black Book’s Books and Publications Spotlight

Add the third command, IP Short Fragments attack. Data rates performance is primarily affected by the following factors: If the two peers select different lifetimes, the peer that selects the shorter lifetime initiates rekeying.

For the next test run, the sessions are negotiated again. Responder to Initiator The responder replies to the initiator with the following: The biggest threats were from employees who had been laid off and attacks from outside the company. The following table outlines some of the capabilities of the DUT that can be switched on to run in a certain mode. During testing, fuzzing checks for proper protocol behavior by monitoring the network connection.


Application traffic can be added in addition to the DDoS traffic to assess the impact in quality of experience of users using web, voice or video services. In such instances, the original payload packet must be fragmented either before or after applying the IPsec overhead. This type of ICMP packet can also be used to break the communication of two hosts. While those methods are well-known and have been studied for years, they continue to remain one of the most effective ways to impact the performance of IP networks or services, or completely restrict access to a network, service, or application for legitimate users.

Ixia Black Book: Network Security

This might cause the attacked host to crash or to stop responding. If frame loss is detected in case of fragmentation, the algorithm stops after the first iteration and reports that the test step failed. Network, server, and client misconfiguration offers another avenue for hacking.

Starting with the IxLoad 5. It does this by looking at the network connections associated with protected services: Brute force attacks at application level floods the victim with the legitimate application requests that initiates transactions at application level.

External Attacks Attacks can be classified as internal or external based on the source of the attack. Usually, the attacks have a temporary effect and availability to resources is usually immediate after the DoS attack stops.

After you have the baseline, enable the security features of the DUT: Firewalls initially operated by filtering connections based on a 5-tuple, as shown in Figure Objective This test measures the security effectiveness of network-based IPS against attacks targeting published vulnerabilities on client and server applications.


As of Maymore than 42, vulnerabilities are listed, with more than 15 added on a daily basis. Start the IxLoad application. The Network Plug-In Settings window is displayed. Cases of extortion using DDoS were reported as well. Set the Simulated Users constraint to When they notice a pattern, they send alerts to administrators and sometimes modify firewall rules to restrict access from the offending IP address. By default, all the traffic is untagged. Such as e-mail or Web commerce. The small queries sent by the zombie computers are amplified by the recursive DNS Servers that are used as intermediaries to resolve the domain, which generate in response to larger UDP packets, overwhelming the victim’s computer.

Select the add command s button 1.

They include counters and rate statistics for attempted, blackboik and blocked attacks. Another plausible cause could be the legitimate attempt to use the Web site from the large number of people that could benefit from ixja reclaiming campaign.

It can be used to collect various types of personal information, such as Internet surfing habits. IPsec – Tunnel Capacity Test If you select this mode, all interfaces are negotiated after the test is started, at the same time as the users are created. According to Internet World Stats2, the worldwide Internet population at the end of exceeded 1. Such devices include Intrusion Prevention and Detection systems, Unified Thread Management systems, and new generation firewalls.

Despite the enormous number of attacks and despite widespread publicity about these vulnerabilities, most Web site blackbookk fail to scan effectively for the common flaws. Zero-day vulnerabilities are potentially more harmful, associated with newly published programs or offered Web services. Some security companies receive more than 55, new samples per day.

Adding Test Ports and Running Tests