Jakow Trachtenberg spent years in a Nazi concentration camp and to escape the horrors he found refuge in his mind developing these methods. Some of the. Trachtenberg Speed Math software based on Jakow Trachtenberg’s speed math algorithms developed during WW II while imprisoned in Nazi camps. The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics. $ Paperback. Books by Jakow Trachtenberg. Showing 1 Result Books: Advanced Search.

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Refresh and try again. What I really love about this book is not just the methods but the fact that the author offers proofs in the book’s appendices.

Jun 19, Smallllama rated it it was amazing. Since all problems are worked in the head, he acquired excellent memory habits and his ability to concentrate was increased. Frachtenberg had always believed that everyone was born rich in talents. The murder jakoww the imperial family in put an end to the Russian dream of a grandiose navy. Trachtenberg took the chance and crawled through the double wire fences in the dead of the night. And income taxes, among other blessings, have brought the need for simple arithmetic into every home.

Hating brutality and violence, Trachtenberg, became their victim. Want to Read saving…. The class was one where the Trachtenberg system of mathematics is taught.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. One very good thing mentioned in this trachtenberf is the error checking method “casting out nines,” here called the “digit sum method. Lastly, I have to complain about one more thing. Because Trachtenberg did not have much paper to write on in prison, he invented methods based on mental calculations.


Petersburg and became his home. Every home school should own a copy. You’ll perform high speed mental calculations. You’ll even begin to enjoy math if you don’t already.

For instance, instead of memorizing, say, the times table for 6, you memorize a rule for how to multiply a digit by 6. So I hakow maybe there were other algorithms out there that could improve my accuracy here, and I ordered some books.

The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics by Jakow Trachtenberg

She came up with the correct answerin less time than you can say the multiplication table. But when Trachtenberg’s accusations grew more pointed, Hitler marked him for oblivion.

First developed during WW2, the Trachtenberg speed system makes possible high-speed arithmetical calcula tions with a remarkable degree of accuracy. While the world was preparing for war, Trachtenberg, to further the cause of peace, wrote Das Friedensministerium The Ministry of Peacea widely read work, which brought him the plaudits of such statesmen as Roosevelt, Masaryk, and Van Zeeland.

Jakow Trachtenberg – Wikipedia

Alpha Centauri Software, Australia. The feeling of accomplishment leads to greater effort and success.

The Swiss, noted for their business acumen, recognizing the brilliance and infallibility of the Trachtenberg system, today use it in all their banks, in most large business firms, and tracytenberg their tax department. During his long years in the living hell of the concentration camp, every spare moment was spent on his simplified system of mathematics, devising shortcuts for everything from multiplication to algebra.


You start off with refining skills in basic multiplication, basic division, basic addition, basic subtraction, etc. Jan 21, Tushar Gargava rated it liked it. A thin, studious-looking boy wearing silver-rimmed spectacles was told to multiply times In a tiny room at an unpretentious address, he started life anew and made friends with the bitter, disillusioned young intellectuals of the post-war era.

The numerous sub-categories in each chapter are not listed. The children’s response to the new, easy way of doing arithmetic was immediate. To add long columns of numbers we need n If you or perhaps your child,has difficulty with mathematics,the Trachtenberg system is well worth a try. But the evening classes are attended by hundreds of enthusiastic men and women who have experienced the drudgery of learning arithmetic in the traditional manner.

M Kashif rated it it was amazing Feb 21, Trachtenberg, a brilliant engineer with an ingenious mind, originated his system of simplified mathematics while spending years in Hitler’s concentration camps as a political prisoner.

The method is based on a series of keys that must be memorized.