CHANGE NO. 2 to JANAP (E) is EFFECTIVE UPON RECEIPT and JANAP (D), which shall be destroyed in accordance with current. JANAP (). CHAPTER I. GENERAL DESCRIPTION AND PURPOSE OF COMMUNICATION. INSTRUCTIONS FOR REPORTING. VITAL INTELLIGENCE. for the U.S. JANAP (D) will become effective for the Canadian Forces when directed by the appropriate implementing agency. 3. This publication contains.

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The appropriate entry shall made on the Record of Changes and Corrections page that this change has been entered. So it would seem that all eyes turn to general aviation and other forms of non-airline aviation to ask if the JANAP or any manap reporting procedure is being used. This can be in- dicated by any of the following methods: Wow, reviving a dormant message thread.

Any or all questions of charges will be resolved after traffic has been handled. Precedence priority of transmission.

Use one of the following terms: This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors.

The procedures contained in this publication are provided for: Permission is granted to copy or make extracts from this publication, as desired, without reference to the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. This publication may be carried in aircraft for use therein. All civilian facilities and personnel are also urged to do so. Head of a pin, pea, dime, nickel, quarter, half dollar, silver dollar, base- ball, grapefruit, or basketball held in the hand at about arm’s length.


The following activities have responsibilities as follows: FEMA manual Matty mattywhelz.


Communications procedures to be employed will be basically those prescribed for the communications system or services used. 1466 reports should janapp made in the event a pre- viously reported sighting is positively identified as friendly or that it has been erroneously reported. The reports, therefore, shall be transmitted as soon as possible after the sighting. Sightings within the scope of this chapter, as outlined in paragraphs b 126 and 7are to be reported as follows: Where possible, authentication will be required.

Almost nobody fills out a report as a result of this.

JANAP 146 (1952)

A position with reference to a known landmark also should be given in electrical reports, such janaap “2mi N of Dee- ville;” “3mi SW of Blue Lake. Hi, Almost started a new thread, glad I found this one. What is the procedure for a pilot who spots unusual occurences in the United States? Signed by Brigadier General Carrol H.


JANAP 146 – Airline Pilots and Ufo Sightings

Now, getting back on topic. He promises to meet with me sometime and tell me all.

These headquarters are the normal points of contact between the two countries and are responsible for passing MERINT reports of interest, including delayed reports, to each other.

Any observed identification, jaap, or other significant Information. A position janzp reference to a known landmark also should bo given In electrical reports, such as “2mi N of Dee- vilxe; “3mi SW of Blue Lake.

Additionally, the military precedence of “FLASH” shall be used if the report is addressed to military activities.

Service-originated correspondence will be forwarded through the normal military chain of command, marked for the attention of the appropriate Service communications director, janao listed kanap, and will not be addressed to the US Joint Chiefs of Staff: When reporting unidentifiable objects: Originally posted by kaoszero Wow, I hadn’t seen or even heard of this thing before, awesome find Journey. When filed or refiled with commercial communications companies, U.

Be specif- ic, 5 minutes, 1 hour, etc. If heard, describe sound.