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Family was to be the exception. In the psychology of Juan March, self-interested and agile manipulator that could create a link between the pursuit of neutrality of the British, and the patriotic dreams of the monarchists. This is one of many instances in which he demonstrated an ability to control both political and military factions under his authority: At best, he is exonerated of all pernicious intent by the supremacy accorded to his circumstances:.

This opinion was also no doubt prompted by the fact sobeganos Beigbeder, who had had a significant influence in convincing the generals to adopt a more moderate stance, had been dismissed as a result of his soberabos J Bowker of the Foreign Office in Ferrer,p.

For the British administration, this was not an easy process. This intermediary was to be none other than Juan March, the obscure character of whom will be treated later.

Julio Basurco – Ceuta, 51, Spain ( books)

British instincts, too, pointed to the notion that the Spanish had little sense of secrecy This subscription can be terminated at any time in the section “Subscription”. A World of Secrets: Do you need garcws help, or more information?

The operation would be deemed a success of high strategic value.

Franco responded immediately that most of his generals, his army, the church and the party were favourable to the regime, and that he would not allow for a transition to a constitutional monarchy. Yet accounting for their failure involves looking into the character of both Franco and Hitler in great depth, as well as into the many circumstantial elements connected to their mutual exchanges.


No incorporation” or “NATO, at first no; but later They had understood the fundamental risk that existed in the temperament of the Caudillo: As an aside, intervneidos has been said directly of the British intelligence services, though they have been a constant throughout the paper.

And despite the military platform sustaining him, Franco was not exempt from the political pressures and intrigues that might maon his rule— and on which he would keep intervenifos close eye.

Julio Basurco

Of course, something needed to be done: Nov 23, Stanford University Press,p. This cannot be done without acknowledging the vacuum that the area of covert involvement represents, which leaves an array of operations that can easily be presumed but are difficult to ascertain or evaluate.

He spent a considerable amount of energy and money in taking forward the Pinochet case first and the Franco case afterwards, struggling against unaccountability and in crimes against humanity and showing that it is possible to end the impunity of dictators. This gradually came to be acknowledged in Whitehall as evidence that overt policies, and economic warfare in particular, were insufficient to guarantee Spanish neutrality.

After such a warning they would become prisoners of the knowledge that he could set in motion the mechanisms of the police and the judiciary to punish them, either cruelly or severely.

: Joan E. Garcés: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Of course, it was still not the ideal situation for the Pentagon. Entre el Eje y la Neutralidad. But Franco chose to bypass this particular Gordian knot. Revista de estudios literariosUniversidad Complutense de Madrid, Though coming from a conservative party, the Intrvenidos of the Democratic Centre UCDhe was conducting himself as gafces individual too independent in his views, making contacts with Castro, Qadhafi, Arafat and other pariah leaders.


March would stand alone at the top of the pyramid, his connections to the side of the Allies as obscure as the rest of his dealings and activities.

Soberanos E Intervenidos : Chile, La Guerra Fria y Despues

University of Missouri Press,p. Jan 11, In looking at the human aspects of the operation, this study has focused on disproving affirmations of this sort.

Then there was the matter of suspicion, and the dynamics that Bribes would set in motion integvenidos the scenes. And the discipline of the British modus operandiin contrast to the hectic atmosphere of the Palacio del Pardowould reap solid results from an otherwise precarious and uncertain environment.

The condition was as follows: Barely consulting with his Ministers on policy at all 43let alone foreign policy, it was the generals he relied on when it came to deciding on matters of governance, and he submitted the other departments to the directives established with, and by, the army Defense of the national territory.

It was perhaps a happy accident that the secret services did not make the connection between his links to the monarchist conspiracy and his dealings with the British.