Das Kartenspiel?Zwicken? wird mit einem normalen Skatblatt gespielt. Es können 2 bis 5 Spieler mitwirken. Zwicken ist ein Spiel mit kleinen Chipeinsätzen , wie. SPIELREGELN FÜR DAS SALZBURGER KARTENSPIEL MULATSCHAK .. nen Spielregeln sowie die soziokulturelle Einbin- .. Jass-Spiele (Jass group). SPIELREGELN ZWICK-JASS. By EGGE 7 · Updated about 7 years ago. Already tagged. Romana Hartmann and Heinz Hirschi like this.

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The player who nominates the trump option plays the first card.

Card Games: General rules for Swiss Jass

This page spilregeln last edited on 26 Novemberat Jasden name Password Login Forgotten password? If a non-trump has been led and another player has already trumped it, you are not allowed to play a lower trump, unless you have no cards of the suit ledin which case you may play any card. This includes the playing cards and their rankings and points values.

This calls for foresight when planning the choice of trump. If all players pass, the first player will be called on again to declare trumps. The privilege of declaring trumps is passed around the table in counter-clockwise spileregeln for each subsequent match variant: Playing cards You can choose between a deck of German playing cards or a deck of French playing cards.


The suit declared trumps beats cards of all ranks in the minor suits. A trump may be played at any time instead of following suit. The Weis The word Weis denotes sets of cards which, held in a player’s hand at the start of play, may be announced for points. The German word for these announcements is spielrwgeln, but as there is no single correct way to spell Swiss German, various spieregeln forms are also found, such as Wis and Wys.


Jass – Wikipedia

The standard Schieber involves four players, sitting in two partnerships, opposite each other. This is not a kind of weis and cannot be invalidated by another player’s weis.

The no-trumps game called Obenabe and Undenufein which the ranks are reversed, are shown in the following table:. The aim is to score as much as possible for cards and melds.

The cards are played in tricks. For a failed bid, the game value is credited to each opponent. The Swiss Jass games described on this site at present are: User name Password Login Forgotten password?

If all massen pass, there is a new deal by the same dealer and if all but one pass, he wins without playing. Since the trump Jack and trump Nine have no point value in either tops-down or bottoms-up, the missing 32 zpielregeln are made up for with the four Eights, each of which counts 8 points.

All accuracy disputes Articles with disputed statements from April The scorekeeper deals first, giving 8 cards to each player in batches of 4s from a card pack made by stripping jazsen all ranks below Nine.

The total value of all counters in the pack isthat is, 62 in trumps plus 30 in each plain suit. Software Michael Gasser’s Jass!!


In French spielrdgeln announcements are known as “annonces”. If the choosing player holds a mediocre hand, he must decide whether to make the call and hope that his partner holds at least some of the cards his hand is missing, or whether to “push” schieben the responsibility away in the hope that his partner has an unambiguosly strong hand.

Four players usually play, but only three are active in the game, and each in turn sits out the hand to which he deals.

If played at no trump, there would be three cards lower than the Queen, making the bid very risky. If successful, the soloist wins a number of game points equivalent to the bid divided by 50 maximum 6. Spielrebeln details vary from game to game, but the general way in which Weis are announced is as follows.

epielregeln The player who plays the highest card or the strongest trump card wins the trick. The banners also have two suit symbols, but should be easy to distinguish from aces because they symbols appear on a flag or banner. The small weis are: In the west and south of Switzerland French suited cards are used: