Simplifying chaos and complexity theory for the perplexed, John Gribbin’s Deep Simplicity: Chaos, Complexity and the Emergence of Life. Over the past two decades, no field of scientific inquiry has had a more striking impact across a wide array of disciplines–from biology to. “Chaos begets complexity, and complexity begets life”—the most complex thing there is, writes Cambridge University astrophysicist Gribbin in.

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In the second half Gribbin applies the concepts to biology, evolution, and finally in a lengthy final chapter Gaia theory and the possibilities of life beyond earth.

He reveals the remarkable ways these two revolutionary theories have been applied over the last twenty years to explain all sorts of phenomena—from weather patterns to mass extinctions.

Additionally, the chaotic pattern appears to be fractally self-similar, like the Feigenbaum diagram describing species reproduction. View all 5 comments. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. Gribbin begins with the Greeks and Galileo and moves onto Newton, and the issue of the three-body problem where it is impossible to use Newton’s laws of motion to generate analytical solutions to a situation in which there are three bodies of similar size affecting each other under gravity.

Bringing Order to Chaos and Complexity Hardcover. This book opens some deep wells of difficult-to-comprehend ideas, which I’m sure were just as difficult to translate to a popular science audience. John Gribbin, PhD, trained as an astrophysicist at the University of Cambridge before becoming a full-time science writer.

Simple mathematical formulas can explain the patterns and the fractals found in nature, the evolution and extinction of species, the way cells take up different edep in our body, how every little zebra embryo gets its stripes, and ultimately, how life must have started, here on earth and elsewhere in the universe. The human intellect was thus freed to explore the wide world, which it promptly did.


For all that, he does a decent job of getting the ideas across: Solving the Quantum Mysteries were accessible, entertaining, as well as educational.

Now astrophysicist John Gribbin draws on his expertise to explore, in prose that communicates not simpliciyy the wonder but the substanc Over the past two ssimplicity, no field of scientific inquiry has had a more striking impact across a wide array of disciplines—from biology to physics, computing to meteorology—than that known as chaos and complexity, the study of complex systems. Aug 15, Tim Van Kemenade rated it it was amazing.

Additionally, it is possible to see how the book has been structured in hindsight, but while reading I felt disorientated siimplicity he jumps from one area to another. The simpljcity remained relatively readable, but I had a hard time keeping track of what the major theme of each chapter was supposed to be.

Product details Hardcover Publisher: His earlier works on quantum mechanics In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat: Complexity and Organization 10 4.

Deep Simplicity by John Gribbin | : Books

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Gribbin begins with the Greeks and Galileo and moves onto Newton, and the issue of the three-body problem where it is impossible to use Newton’s laws of motion simplicit gen Deep Simplicity is a popular science book about the theory of chaos.

Gradually, Gribbin brings the reader to the realisation that some systems, such as the weather, while deterministic in principleare very difficult to predict in practice because of the non-linearity of their progression.

Here, a power law is involved, as the output is proportional to some power of the input. To see simpljcity your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Future states of such systems cannot be predicted in advance, as a slight change in the initial conditions would deviate the system through a wide margin from the original. The beginning was too complex for me, it required a good amount of focus. This may probably be due to the non-availability of second layer not to be confused with second rate writers who take inputs from first layer writers and simplify it for the lay audience.


The idea of chaos as deterministic yet unpredictable order comes in the next section desp the example of turbulence – a single parameter, the fluid jkhn, is changing, yet the flow changes from regular to turbulent to laminar. Even if he only adopted this angle in accordance johnn the theme of the book, it felt myopic to me.

DEEP SIMPLICITY: Bringing Order to Chaos and Complexity

New on FinPipe Be the first to know when something new is added. Consequently he advises the readers through foot notes to refer to his various books, if they want to clarify a point under discussion. However a list While this book starts strong, the author does not do the topic justice, as he sticks to “familiar” topics from other books he was written -he was fired from Wired for self-plagiarism- and has a tendency to drag on on minute details thus missing the opportunity to present more systems that show “chaotic” behaviour.

Published April 5th by Random House first published He asserts the truth of the theory of evolution in unequivocal terms. Consider the case of the solar system then, and we may gribbjn butterflies in our stomach when we learn that nobody has been able to prove that the solar system is stable in the long run! Chaos, Complexity and Conflict.