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Journal of South Asian Studies The lead article charged that the decision to vote in support of the resolution was only made to assuage the political parties in Tamil Nadu, which had been calling for unconditional support for the resolution.

Routledge,pp. Silpi’ by copyright, reproducing, printing, publishing, either in Ananda Vikatan magazine, Sakthi Vikatan magazine or any other magazine, book. Retrieved 13 April The news of the passing of the resolution in The New Indian Express of 23 March began as follows: Vikatam Rajumurugan, Peyon, S.

It was the second largest viikatan in circulation within India, as of Among the English newspapers, The Hindu covered the issue more exhaustively than the others, with its own correspondent reporting from Colombo, while the other newspapers depended on agency reports.

Srinivasan on 1 October, The current paper relates particularly to regional press content. The English media focused on iuly at the national level, while the Tamil media gave space to regional and local politicians.

Junior Vikatan – ஜூனியர் விகடன் – Issue date – 11 July – ஸ்பெஷல்

Country India Language Tamil Website www. They then followed this with the commercially unsuccessful Valmiki.

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation, for the period of July—Decembercirculation stood at 4,30, per week. Pasupathy 10 March Ananda Vikatan is still running successfully after ninety years. Srinivasan on 1 August, Underlying elements of Tamil nationalism came to the fore of Indian political discourse on 12 Augustwhen the president of India, Viikatan Patil, rejected the year-old clemency petition of three men—Murugan, Santhan and Perarivalan—who had been given death sentences for criminal conspiracy in the assassination of former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi in Anna Salai, Chennai Vasan and continues to be Chairman Emeritus of the group after handing 202 the reins to his son B.



Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The question of whether the media truly reflect the views of the people remains debatable.

Priyamanaval present Nayaki present. Indeed, the decision of the Manmohan Singh-led United Progressive Alliance government to vote in support of the UN resolution against Sri Lanka has been attributed to the particular pressure of one of its nine coalition partners, the DMK. This represents a 22 per cent growth over the previous half-year period. Another item highlighted the mood of the three convicts in the high-security Vellore prison when the news of the rejection of the clemency petition was conveyed to them by their lawyers and even painted their jailors as being downcast because they had become fond of the men.

Reese, Mediating the Message New York: He also launched Junior Vikatan, a bieweekly Tamil investigative journal in the s in addition to his many accomplishments as Vikatan’s publisher.

The learned Magistrate having recorded sworn statement has dismissed The limited readership of the English media and the perceived elitism of its discourse, set against the phenomenal growth of regional newspapers and of regional news televisionbring significant new dimensions to the construction of public space in India.

Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Significantly, the report neglected to mention the Sri Lankan response to these oft-repeated charges, thus sacrificing fact for persuasion. Journal of South Asian Studies fringes of politics.


The varied influences Downloaded by [Macquarie University] at Akbar, India, The Siege Within: Vikatan was started by S.

Ananda Vikatan

Junior Vikatan, the political bi-weekly from the Vikatan magazine group that had consistently defended the policies and actions of LTTE leader Prabhakaran during the civil war, constructed a discourse that projected Sri Lankan Tamils, including the LTTE and the accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination, as people forced into violence due to ruthless systematic oppression by the Sri Lankan Downloaded by [Macquarie University] at Ananda Vikatan was started by Budalur Vaidyanadhaiyar hunior February as a monthly publication.

Consequent upon the above, the third respondent appears to have. Penguin Books India,pp.

Narayanasamy, who had reported widely on the Sri Lankan issue and authored a book on Prabhakaran, pointed out that the UN resolution was not going to make much difference to the situation. Academic Press,pp. But the situation in the regional media changed with the declaration of the unilateral ceasefire by the LTTE in and the subsequent relaxation of restrictions vikatn travel to the north and east of Sri Lanka.

See The Hindu Internet source [http: Circulation details According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation, for the period of July—Decembercirculation stood at 4,30, per week. Retrieved 24 July Retrieved 14 March Willis edsCulture, Media, Language: These are termed suo motu statements. Star News and Star Ananda London: