Until last year Karel Jaromír Erben’s celebrated collection of ballads, Kytice – The Bouquet – had never been published in a full English. únor Jediná básnická sbírka Karla Jaromíra Erbena vyšla pod titulem „Kytice z pověstí národních“ roku Její vznik však autor ohlašoval téměř. When Karel Jaromír Erben (; portrait above from and I hope that the following version, part of a complete translation of Kytice to be.

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There it sits, there it sits With its plaintive coo; Everyone who hears it feels His heart will break in two. Susan Reynolds “Then the scene shifts, and we find ourselves in the goblin’s underwater kingdom, and there, by the gates of the palace, he’s mending his fishing nets, while his kygice sits at his side, rocking their baby in her arms.

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Last summer we spoke to the translator of one of the new editions, Marcela Sulak, and this time it is the turn of Susan Reynolds, whose translation appeared in a bilingual edition just before Christmas. Jan 01, Denisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: But among the ballads he found, there were some that seemed to him incomplete.

Oh, free me, Mary, Mother of grace From the evil forces in this place. A breathless ride through gothic visions, like being taken by a skeletal hand and flown over 19th century Eastern European peasant landscapes. And this she interprets as a presage of bad news. Actually, Im interested in how its been translated.

This made Erben and Banquet, an important literary work jytice his, essential reading for a guy like me. But then her friend Marie leans down to look into the water and she sees something very different. Which is sad because I would have otherwise enjoyed these tales a lot more than I did. Do not hoot, don’t accuse; My head is spinning round: Broadcast in English Broadcast Archive.

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In some versions – in some folk-tales that Erben collected elsewhere – he’s quite a comical, genial figure, but this one is slightly more yktice.

Kytice by Karel Jaromír Erben

How did that come about? Out of the west the wind is blowing chill, And yellowed leaves are singing a song soft and still.

So even though this is a Chzech book, I’m going to write this review in English, because I want as many people as possible to read this. Your feet are bare, Autumn is chilly, and cold dew lies there: I re-read it every two years or so and there’s always something new to find and admire eben these timeless poems.

Erben is to Czechs what the Brothers Grimm are to German literature, and every Czech child can recite extracts from these ballads of water sprites, witches and maidens at the spinning wheel.

Karel Jaromir Erben – one of the greatest of all Czech poets, now at last in English translation

She came from Chotusice, a little village in Bohemia that I have visited and where various 3rd cousins of mine still live. She fetches water from the spring; Sits at her distaff, modest thing, Spinning, spinning flax.

Old Town Hall tower vantage point for biggest ever photograph of Prague. Out hunting, I have lost my way. Her mother has had a bad dream in which she dresses the girl in white and gives her a string of pearls. View all 5 comments. The stories are very original and beautifully written.

Efben got him wondering how he could use them. What about getting across this sense of rural Bohemia, which is very different from the experience of people in the English-speaking world?

There he is in his green coat and his jaunty jj with a flower tied, just as any peasant boy would be. Later she had another child and when it died she blamed its death on my 6-year-old grandfather, for having taken it outside on the tenement balcony once. Well, I think if I’d been more expert when I started with the first of the ktyice, “The Golden Spinning Wheel”which is over lines long, I would probably never have dared to start. Can you explain what’s going on here, why Erben was writing this sort of thing at the time, exactly years ago?


Sulak spent fifteen years “on and off” translating the poems, originally published in Czech inand claims that her translation, “is sensitive to Erben’s prosodic and syntactic innovations that produced a living kytjce filled with the musicality for which Czechs have long been known.

But once she’s back again, and has a joyful reunion with her mother, her mother won’t let her go. Erbeen can’t speak Czech, so cannot comment on how accurate the translation is, but it certainly captures the feeling of a true fairy tale.

Plus it’s not easy to translate poetry that 1 rhymes and 2 tells u story. And Neruda continues in the same tone. Or hoot to make it fly In pieces at a bound! Moravian Christmas — how different is it from that in Bohemia? The water-goblin comes to claim his bride, the mother angrily refuses to let her daughter out. While Twisted Spoon Press is great for bringing Eastern European literature into English and has published a few noteworthy publications, such as the poetry of Sandor Kanyadi, the Arsonist by Egon Hostovsky and Erbfn by Olga Tokarczuk, the more I’ve read their publications the less impressed Erbsn been of their output as a whole and have felt an aversion every time I see their books in a bookshop.

So fine and straight the thread she plies, He cannot turn away his eyes From the fair spinning-maid. Coat of green and boots of redFor tomorrow I’ll be wed: One of my favorite czech books.