The latest addition to my website is Orhan Pamuk’s Kafamda bir tuhaflik (A Strangeness in My Mind). This is Pamuk’s labour of love, a hymn to. Kafamda Bir Tuhaflik hem bir ask hikiyesi hem de modern bir destan. Orhan Pamuk’un uzerinde alti yil calistigi roman, bozaci Mevlut ile uc yil ask mektuplari. A Strangeness in My Mind(Kafamda Bir Tuhaflik) (Chinese Edition) [Orhan Pamuk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Since his boyhood in.

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Canyon in the Body Lan Lan. Olivera Stojanovic It’s a type of drink made of corn. Through the eyes of Mevlut, Istanbul grows exponentially, gorging itself on the lives and dreams of its residents, bloated and bilious, irascible yet whimsical and wondrous, Mevlut charts the metamorphoses of Istanbul, from a city filled with the febrile hopes of Turkish nationalism, to a city which synt A wonderful eulogy to life, love and Istanbul, “A Strangeness in My Mind” captures an ever-evolving Istanbul through the eyes of the Mevlut, from his arrival in the late 60’s to the modern days.

This book is divided in seven parts. Refresh and try again. View all 7 comments. This is a multilayered story that stirs deep emotions.

Orhan Pamuk: Kafamda bir tuhaflik (A Strangeness in My Mind)

A Strangeness in My Mind. Do our choices dictate whether we will be happy or not, or are these things determined by forces beyond our control?

A Conversation with Ronit Matalon. Orhan Pamuk was born in Istanbul in and grew up in a large family similar to those which he describes in his novels Cevdet Bey and His Sons and The Black Book, in the wealthy westernised district of Nisantasi. From uthaflk relationship with those around him, such as his accidental wife Rayiha, his father, his cousin Suleyman and best friend Ferhat all of the side characters are drawn with nuance and depth, their relationships with Mevlut changing with time and circumstance.

His depiction of Review on http: He has been writing to Rayiha since seeing tunaflk sister at a family wedding – his cousin Suleyman has tricked him into addressing the letters to the “wrong” sister, but it soon becomes clear that Rayiha is the better match.


Kafamda Bir Tuhaflik

The novel has everything: Events were summarised too dully, I’d notice when returning to Strangeness after other kafamdda.

Retrieved on December 2, Bernando Sujibto I saw something very special about long-social transformation of Turkish rural-urban life then this novel focuss on urban life with a witness of …more I saw something very special about long-social transformation of Turkish rural-urban life then this novel focuss on urban life with a witness of Mevlut eyes. Want to Read saving…. Through the daily life of ordinary characters, the author has the amazing talent of describing the social and political history of Turkey and how the city of Istanbul has changed during the twentieth century.

A pleasure to read. It is also a dynamic symbol of the tumultuous lives of impoverished Turkish families. It begins with the protagonist, Mevlut, a boza tuhavlk, and his fiancee, Rayiha, running away to elope. This one also allows more space to its female characters.

At the age of 23 Pamuk decided to become a novelist, and giving up everything else retreated into his flat and began to write.

Kafamda Bir Tuhaflik: Orhan Pamuk: : Books

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He endears us to his characters, migrants from villages, who seek their fortune in Istanbul — a theme that remains contemporary.

The White Castle about the frictions and friendship between a Venetian slave and an Ottoman scholar was published in English and many other languages from onwards, bringing Pamuk his first international fame.

Other Reviews in this Issue. I remember one December day in the seventies on which a light rain was falling from kafsmda skies as I walked along the seawall on my way to a seafood dinner.

A Booklist of Contemporary Hebrew Writing. When he was twenty-five, he returned to the province of his birth, where he eloped with a village girl, a rather strange affair that determined the rest of his days: Elena Seymenliyska of The Daily Telegraph described the book as “a family saga that tuhafllk as much an elegy to Istanbul as to its generations of adopted residents.

In Pamuk’s new book,has anybody felt the impact of the recent developments in Turkey? But just like believing in God, falling in love is such a sacred feeling that it leaves you with no room for any other passions. Man Booker International Prize Longlist From the title page, Orhan Pamuk makes his apparent intentions clear – a David Copperfield style Dickensian saga: Mevlut was tricked by Suleyman who wants the younger, pretty ‘Samiha’ for himself.


I became t The story of Mevlut, a boza-seller, and his family. However, should you get lost, the author has provided a family tree at the beginning of the book and a character index and chronology at the end. This novel also has characteristics from Dickens’ realism and also from the picaresque novels of the 18th century.

I had not felt terribly attached to Melvut before then and, really, it was the women becoming more of a presence in the book that made it take off for me Melvut’s wife, Rayiha, their daughters, and Rayiha’s sisters. So this is how Mevlut came to understand the truth that bif part of him had known all along: The clouds, the rain, the restless sea, and these fragments of the past assembled in a pastiche imbued me with the same huzun I feel when I read Pamuk tjhaflk the saudade I experience when listening to traditional fado.

Nonetheless, I kept going and found out that reading of this novel not just fulfilled me in the way that good books often do but also made me calm and relaxed, and because of that gave me a much needed rest from the general fatigue. This is because the subtitle and the first paragraph of the book are the whole story in other words spoilers. In the four decades between andMevlut works a number of different jobs on the streets of Istanbul, from selling yoghurt and cooked rice, to guarding a car pa A Strangeness In My Mind is a novel Orhan Pamuk has worked on for six years.

The enterprising tuhafl, who built a house on an empty lot would plant a few poplars and willow trees and lay the first few bricks of a wall to mark out his property, after which he would go to the neighborhood council man and pay him something to draw up a document certifying that said individual had built the house in question and planted those trees himself.