The second Grant County novel, from the No. 1 Bestseller. When a teenage quarrel in the small town of Heartsdale explodes into a deadly shoot-out, Sara Linton. Kisscut: A Grant County Thriller (Grant County Thrillers) [Karin Slaughter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gillian Flynn says, “Karin. : Kisscut (): Karin Slaughter: Books. Kisscut: A Grant County Thriller and millions of other books are available for instant access.

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When adults worked, they were in ‘entry level’ jobs forever.

She yells at Mark, telling him it is his fault, and he viciously tells slaughyer that he will see her in hell. I am faced regularly with people who think a prayer or some kind of spiritual device fixes everything, that a god or society watches over every bird in the trees of the world.

The book was OK and a short read. It’s a violent and dangerous clash that does not end well. This was 60 years ago. What initially appears to be a case of shooting reveals itself to be something much darker.

Kisscut (Grant County, #2) by Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter likes to shock the reader whether it be graphic forensic details or heinous crimes and vile people. My own biggest remaining issues with what happened, still setting me off into rants today, are people who rely on a god to fix it all or who believe if god didn’t fix the problem it must be you were blocking god or it’s all a mystery of god’s divine will, or those who think it happens only when bad people are being bad but it never happens when people are good or Republican Party voters.

Linton and her husband can’t possibly figure out on their own, as all the bad guys are either dead, in a coma or escaped.

By the time dad came back, I had been abused continuously by many men. She is such a good writer and her books are very original. In my opinion, it’s just as good as her epic debut, but I had to take off a star based on personal enjoyment. Nevertheless, I will slog on through the series. Drug of choice was alcohol, with sleeping pills or diet pills as a chaser.

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Sometimes there is help, sometimes not. Just like Blindsighted, Kisscut reveals to us some of the worst things humankind can offer.

Jeffrey, for example, in the same day describe Sara pretty much as a an ugly and sloppy woman since she put on a comfy dress for work he couldn’t get it up the night before and it was obviously Sara’s fault with hers ‘hairy legs’. So it must have kept me interested, right?

Sara witnesses the event and Jeffrey is on the scene shortly after it starts and is forced to do the unthinkable. I suspect many children like me from young ages do not know why god apparently hates them, kisdcut.

Book Review: Kisscut (Karin Slaughter)

I like Sara, I really like this character. I did end up finishing i Karin Slaughter, Kisscut Harper Collins, I was wandering along in the middle of Kisscut half enjoying the novel and half wondering if this thing was really as obvious as it had seemed since chapter two, thinking that I was really, really going to hate this book if it was. This is the second book in the Grant County series. May 06, Jean rated it really liked it.

I like their story and how they work together and argue together to solve the case. Jeffrey and Lena start searching deeper and deeper and they only get more questions. Here are some of the things he was thinking about Sara: This is a two part review. Find your local bookstore at booksellers. However, she is all about shock value. Using tiny sutures instead of the usual baseball stitches, Sara had sewn the paper thin flesh back together into the semblance of a child.

There is a paradigm of reality which cannot be bridged.

Preview — Kisscut by Karin Slaughter. However, most people thank a god for their deliverance, no matter who actually saved them. I don’t get them. Lena is struggling to overcome the events in the first book of this series and we see her very realistically on-the-edge and threatening to go over it. I’m not accusing Slaughter of plagiarism by any means, but come on. And then I got to the end of chapter seventeen. But it’s the characters solving these crimes that keep me coming back to this series trying to cope with everyday life in the midst of all this brutality.


My father often acted as if books were poisonous to touch, but he knew the school required books to come home with schoolchildren, and parents could get in serious trouble if they didn’t send their kids to school, so slauguter were the one thing he allowed me to keep, thinking them all from school. It is slauughter and I wanted to find every single child molester in the world and hurt them very badly and laugh at their anguish.

Bearing in mind that this is indeed Slaughter, it is not for the faint hearted.

Jeffrey and his officers are off to save the case. Sara, Lena and, Jeffrey will stop at nothing to find the truth. I want people to read novels like this because a part of me feels ‘if people only knew, they would be more proactive in prevention’, which of course, is a foolish hope.

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Book Review: Kisscut (Karin Slaughter) – Life of this city girl

While the subject matter is tough, its honest and realistic presentment was compelling. Most of the time I was either sorry or irritated by her and I still don’t like her animosity towards Sara. Jenny is a young high school student, who one nights confronts a fellow student.