Apr 20, Kastrating Kai. Its a fanfic by Moni-chan at AFF. Its ‘Castrating’ but its pretty cool changing C to K. Y’know, Kai. xD I finished reading this within. 36 Likes, 2 Comments – ☻why so biased☹ (@jk_saranghaeyo) on Instagram: “-; kastrating kai – i love fanfictions. seriously. HAHAHA okokok – [ ”. Kastrating Kai genre: crack, comedy, smut, fluff rate: 5/5.

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The update was indeed epic. For kastgating reasons of course: Hello this is my second fic that I’m going to start. Let me get a shovel so I could start digging my own grave. Shall I pull out my list? Yep,you basically read that right. The Good, The Bad and The Fluffy – chaptered, ongoing, age gap and super fluffy as well as domestic kaisoo ;; jongin is a struggling college student and is looking for a job and kyungsoo, a rich business man, hires him right away as his dog walker.

Most recent Most popular Most recent. Will KyungSoo go through with it, though?. Well, it needs to be said once more.

Y u spell Castrating as Kastrating gull? This is all so wrong. Just- No stop why would you think that? It doesn’t say angst or gore or ,astrating up there, right?


KK has ended,oh wait did I say that already? And this time because it has ended. Ah, Kim JongIn, where do I start?

Kastrating Kai

Go look it up!! Thanks for the submission lovely anon. Yeah well, please enjoy sadistic KyungSoo. I hate Kaisoo and kwi their amazing fics and all the fluff and romance around them.

Lol don’t worry, though, JongIn won’t die. U no kno engrish? I am Do KyungSoo. Will KyungSoo go through with it, though? KaiSoo feels all over the place. Well it was something I anticipated every now and then and it just dawned to me that I would kasfrating stopping too.

kastrating kai | Tumblr

JavaScript kastratinv required to view this site. I think it does. This stuff was written when I was a cringy, depressed teenager in high school and I no longer am depressed, write fan fiction or interested in touching this ty story so if anything offends you, I apologize for my younger self.

I just want to get a shovel and dig right at our yard. My personality and way of thinking has changed a lot since then. Kastrating Kai has ended. Kyungsoo is a rich restaurant chain owner and offers to help jongin with his financial troubles as his sugar daddy. FAQ about usage of the title Kastrating Kai before you wreck it before you check it: Filter by post type All posts. Why do I want to kill this bastard, Kim JongIn? Log in Sign up. More freaking feels that keeps on overflowing.


Sweet Like Sugar – 10kfr project was beautiful: I named it Kastrating Kai because castration is basically emasculating a man and that’s exactly what KyungSoo wants to do to JongIn. Kastrating Kzstrating nc17 multichaptered complete kaisoo kyungsoo kai completed fic.

kastrating kai

I think I might actually experience some malfunctions because of feels and the random shifting of weather. Also we promise not to hate you for sending us asks! ,ai

Grid View List View. By torturing Kai then finishing it off by killing kastratinng. Chopping off someone’s balls but I’m using it metaphorically because KyungSoo wants to emasculate him. Romance, Comedy, Slice of life Rating: