Mudras. Kathakali mudras (hand gestures). HOME · ABOUT US · About Us · Performance · Food & Accomodation · MASTERS · · Mary John · Riya K. Mudras (hand poses) play a pivotal role in Kathakali. Mudras tremendously reduce literary expressions to elementary notions very easily. The basic Mudras. Kathakali is a highly stylized classical kerala dance performance noted for its attractive make-up of characters, their elaborate costumes.

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Anjaly Folded hands in Salutation. Acting, gestures, hand poses are borrowed from Chaakyaarkooth and Koodiyaattam. There are 36 double hand symbols and 10 single hand symbols using this Mudra. Natural and graceful movements embodied by gestures and passions distinct Kathakali from other ritualistic art performance. No singing at this moment, but the drum beat crosses tolerable limit. There are 24 Basic Mudras hand gestures in the “Hasthalakshana Deepika”, the book of hand gestures, which Kathakali muddas followed.

The intricate make-up of Kathakali consumes more than three hours. Hair of the head, 3. Taadi or beard is created for both the characters — godly and demonic. Ears of cow, 4.


In Kummi a sort of dance the movements and gestures are not rigid. Flowing 2 single hand symbols: Stories based on other epics and puranas were added to its repertoire mjdras later period.

The three folds of skin above the naval of a woman. Make-up is a highly reckoning factor in Kathakali.

kathakali mudras

Behind the lamp a rectangular curtain is held by two persons. They form a cycle of eight stories based on Ramayana.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Kathakali is that the actors do not speak. Chaakyaaar Koothu is an art worshipping folk dance staged in temples alone.

Koodiyattam is a Sanskrit drama enacted in Kerala alone.

Kalaaasam is pure Thaandava style dance. The headgear worn by the various characters in Kathakali are excellent specimen of intricate woodcarving, an ancient speciality of the region. Kapidhakam The fruit of a tree: For a typical performance, a simple kayhakali pandal canopy made of thatched roof will be erected. White bristles are placed on the ridges, while lips are coloured red. Considering all these Mudras and their seperations there are totally symbols used in Kathakali.

The only accompaniments are percussion instruments. Through an internal discipline an actor develops his ability in mastering this action technique. Green denotes godliness, white denotes spirituality, red denotes turmoil, black denotes evil and yellow denotes combination of godliness and turmoil. At this stage the curtain is pulled off from the stage. The facial make-up begins with green colour base.


Tail of the animal kathaoali whisk In other words, each colour represents each character with marked costume and make-up. Kari Kari black make-up is for female evil characters like Soorpanaka and Simhika. The actor himself does a major part of the face make-up. Kathakqli atmosphere is surcharged with high pitch music. Eyes and eye-lids are lengthened with black kxthakali collyium. Hunting Single hand symbols: From middle o the cheeks a Chutti is drawn along the jaw-bones.

Kathakali Mudra Stock Photos & Kathakali Mudra Stock Images – Alamy

Hamsaasyam Swan’s peek There are ‘Asamyutha Mudras’ that is shown using single hand and ‘Samyutha Mudras’ mudras shown in double hands in each Basic Mudras, to show different symbols. There are 20 double hand symbols and 9 single hand symbols using this Mudra.

Driver of chariot, 2.