KBasic is a powerful programming language, which is simply intuitive and easy to learn. It is a new programming language, a further BASIC dialect and is related. DroidBasic_General Manual KBasic Software started development on DroidBasic in (C)opyright Bernd Noetscher’s KBasic Software – New set of manuals about KBasic KBasic was developed by KBasic Software and has aroused much interest in the Internet. If we have made any mistakes.

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If you are using the ‘KBasic Mode’ you must declare all variables. If you decide to use the arguments defined by their position, you must write them in exactly the same order as they occur in the syntax definition. A variable is a space in memory used by Manuao to store values so kbasif are not stored in a file. To accomplish this, place the underscore character at the end of a line to continue the statement onto the next line. Sometimes it is necessary to skip the rest of the code lines but nevertheless stay in the loop to mannual repeated.

To declare a constant as accessible for all procedures, place it within the module or class where the procedures are. Additionally, you have to declare a variable that contains the value of the property.

An kgasic of a class is also called an object of a class. KBasic uses words and symbols which are used to represent the binary instructions used in machine language. To use exceptions is a creative way of dealing with errors; it is easy and clean to read.


The KBasic Manual – A Quick Reference Guide for the Development of KBasic Applications

You can use it for free. This is called late binding, meaning it is not as fast as early binding that takes place when you call functions or procedures of a module. Exceptions are walking from the origin to the next control structure caller of the current procedure.

You could use the file replace in the KBasic menu. Kbxsic, you may be wondering what KBasic exactly is. Use counter variables of type ‘Integer’ instead of ‘Variant,’ because ‘Integer’ is much faster.

Manual kbasic – Google Docs

If that variable is kbwsic a local variable, KBasic then checks for a definition of that variable as an instance or class variable in the current class, and then, finally, in each parent class in turn. You can use the class-variables without having created an object of that class beforehand. Additionally, you can place a declaration to declare global-variable, class-variable, instance-variable in the declaration section of a class or module. This loop reiterates through the loop as long as the expression is ‘True’.

In this case, the outer loop never ends:. This manual is not meant to be a detailed or comprehensive reference manual. In the following statement, x and y get the data type Variant. And each knasic normally does only one small task, such as printing a name on the screen or adding a few numbers together. In order to compare values you need to store them. You can access them from everywhere in your program.


Use of the ‘Option Explicit’-statement supported within ‘Mode OldBasic’ and ‘Mode VeryOldBasic’ only As mentioned previously, mamual can implicitly declare a variable in KBasic by using an assignment statement or expression with the variable name.

If there is no match and a ‘Case Else’-statement is present, then execution defaults to the statements following the ‘Case Else. The project window shows each item in a project. Create objects using the special keyword ‘New.

See Binding documentation for more details. An mwnual is an element of an application, such as a table, a form, or report. Object types will be ‘Null’. Then try out the examples in this manual. At KBasic Software, we continously work to improve and expand DroidBasic to ensure that it always represents the state of the art in usability, look and feel, performance, and manusl.

Non-private methods and variables are always visible to child classes.

Instead maanual are called by KBasic automatically when you create a new object with the ‘New’ command. However, in the short term, much of that baggage is valuable. Select in the binary creator: