Get to understand the King of mudras – Kechari Mudra, an advanced yoga posture with which you can even suppress hunger and thirst. Kechari mudra is a subject of increasing discussion and debate these days. It is a good sign. It means it is coming out of the shadows of esoteric yoga and into. This article covers a technique, Khechari Mudra, that is one of the most unusual in yoga and therefore a bit too strange for some people.

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Leave your mouth slightly open and slowly lift your tongue back toward the hard palate and then to the empty area of the pharynx. Gayatri Mantra Benefits and Importance.

Kechari Mudra stages | Mudra | Pinterest | Meditation, Yoga and Yoga meditation

Discovering the micro astral nerves on the palates and the uvula is the muxra challenge. The khecari mudra is reputed to confer upon the practitioner the power to roam at will in space. It can be a short journey for many while for others, it may take longer time.

This produces some bliss energy in the third eye area. Gradually, it forms a habit and when the tip of the tongue moves back to pass through the point where the two palettes meet, stage 2 is close. Eventually the yogi is able to taste the nectar or Amrit which flows from the roof of the nasal cavity.


Khecarī mudrā

Physically, numerous taste cells are positioned not only on the tongue but also on the uvula, soft palate, larynx, pharynx, and epiglottis. You may also like.

Years may pass to move to stage 4 from stage 1. In the beginning stages and applicable for most practitioners, the tip of the tongue touches the soft palate as far back as possible without straining [3] or placed in contact with the uvula at the back of the mouth.

This information is for those who experience the symptoms of Kechari and find themselves stretching naturally. Khechari Mudra is to be practised when the practitioner is on a light, healthy diet, otherwise constipation tends to occur, as the Prana or life energy needed to digest food does not adequately reach the lower Chakras. This may take months or years of practice. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This is an advanced practice and the yogi is said to overcome thirst, hunger, decay and death by this practice.

The Benefits of This Simple Action. The key is to have a spiritual practice which withdraws the prana from the openings and kevhari those nine gates. I am yet to see or heard about any great yogi who got enlightenment or something near to that by cutting lechari frenum under the tongue. Many great yogis have different views on Kechari Mudra. Is Your Chi Blocked? Definitely, these practices helped them to keep their attention on the tongue area.

Kechari Mudra – Techniques And Benefits

Although it is not commonly practiced, murda mudra is considered preeminent among the mudras, particularly because it is an advanced technique meant to assist the practitioner in reaching a higher state of consciousness. The tenth gate is at the top of our head at the crown chakra.


When the tongue enters the posterior nares, and the gaze is fixed between the eyebrows, it is khecari. With practice, the tongue can go beyond the uvula and enters the nasal cavity to stimulate certain points inside the cavity.

Mudga Mudra helps the practitioner to move in the blissful infinite consciousness of Brahman. It can be attained after years from stage 2 and 3. Koestler reports that the aspiring yogi is traditionally encouraged to lengthen his tongue—even going so far as to kehcari the frenulum the membrane that anchors the tongue to the floor of the mouth and stretch the soft palate. Begin to exhale and chant AhhUuuMmmmmmmm… feel the vibration of mmmmmmm throughout the body.

Kechari Mudra | Mastering Yoga and Meditation

The How and the Why. How do I hold shakti? Before proceeding to true Khechari Mudra, you need to do other practices to prepare the body and mind. There are no comments yet No comments. This page was last edited on 19 Julyat