Buy The Natural Way to Draw: A Working Plan for Art Study by Kimon Nicolaides (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Free UK delivery on. Hello, I’ve recently started working with Kimon Nicolaides’ book The Natural way to draw and I’ve started this sketchbook as a way to hold. Kimon Nicolaides was born in Washington DC in He grew up exposed to the aesthetic experience because his Greek father imported Asian artefacts.

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Member Services New member? Create new account free! Salute to our Partners. Kimon Nicolaides’ Natiral Way to Draw. What do you guys think of this drsw, and more importantly, what results have you seen coming from the use of this book? I think this book is perpetrating a horrendous fraud. I loath and despise this book. It is an insult to my intelligence. It is just modern art garbage and fuzzy-thinking B. You won’t be drawing anything like Bouguereau and Michelangelo.

Kimon was teaching art after World War I. That was when the modern artists took over the art world and decided to throw away everything that had been developed in art and turn all the values of art upside down. They stupidly thought they could start over from scratch, do everything differently, and come up with new and better art. They just ended up making a bunch of childish trash and then they had the nerve to call it great.

I couldn’t find very much about Kimon, but it seems he was a part of all this. His paintings are a bunch of abstracts. One of them had a figure in it, and it looked like crap. As far as I know, Kimon’s advice for drawing is just a bunch of B. But if you follow his nonsense, you wqy end up believing that it helps you draw better qay you don’t want to admit to yourself and to others that it was a waste of time.

Nicolaides’ believers claim nicolades classical methods only teach you how to copy things. But I say it also teaches you how to draw things. Nxtural know of an old drawing by Greuze of a woman’s head that is very realistic, and he drew it completely from imagination. As far as I know, he must’ve gotten the ability to do that by drawing from life many times.

Kimon Nicolaides – The Natural Way to Draw

Before the 20th century, artists practiced drawing from life for several hours a day for years, and I don’t think they used anything like Nicolaides blind contour scribbles. Last edited by CoolArtiste: Ok, that book just hit my list of books to never buy! Got an opinion on it Cool? But dont you know? Masters like Cy Twombley swear by this book? It is also partly responsible for the reason we draw blindly but carry a big projector these days.

Modern art lovers would have to deny Picasso and VanGogh’s training with the book He taught modeled drawing which is very similar to the mass drawing that Classical Vince is learning in the atelier. One of his students, Gregorio D’Alessio, went into teaching following Nicolaides’ methods and the majority of classical drawing teachers at the Art Students League were students or monitors of Mr.


Niicolaides class at one time. The premise of the book, a teacher told me, is excellent but you won’t learn if you don’t jicolaides the schedule and its impossible nowadays to follow the schedule. Nicolaides used a live nude model who took distinct poses in a certain sequence over nine months. No current class or open studio that I know of follows the schedule of poses so its impossible to follow the book as he intended. My teacher mostly took some exercises from Mr.

Nicolaides and incorporated it into his own teachings. I asked my teacher why more teachers don’t follow the schedule. He said that for the first six months you don’t see results and schools don’t think modern students have the patience to trudge things out for that long before results.

Naatural Nicolaides’ time, he said, students didn’t expect instant results. I use the book as a resource of exercises when I’m stumped by a drawing problem. It helped my move from drawing to painting. But its not a how to draw book for beginners even though that’s how Nicolaides envisioned it. Now, let me pull out my copy of Natural Way to Draw Naw, I still like his book. Not that I am all that aware of everything in it, but I think it too merit. Contour drawing and gesture drawing natral two cornerstones of Life Drawing and this book teaches these things.

Find all posts by bearsclover Find all threads started by bearsclover. Gesture drawing has been part of art for centuries, but only as the very first stage of designing a composition, not as finished art.

It played a very minor role. The modern artists came wayy and made gesture drawing and gesture painting the actual finished art, which is one of the many ways that they turned traditional art upside down. It seems that Nicolaides is thinking of gesture drawing as the end goal rather than the beginning.

As far as contours, I’m talking about blind contours, which is drawing without looking at the paper, and that’s what Nicolaides advocates.

I think that is something new and not a part of traditional art. I think it’s nonsense. My life drawing teacher had us do two minute blind contour gesture drawings to use as warmups, and I think that’s all it’s good for. My goal isn’t to draw scribbles and present it to people as finished art. We had to buy that book way back in the 60’s when I was in college.

I thought it was a bunch of garbage and just a way to get money out of us poor students. The teacher never even had us open the book in class! What a waste of money. I couldn’t stand that book, even though I did read through it and try to grasp what he was saying.

To me, he was saying very little if anything! I’m waj you–I hate that book. Find all posts by Atrsy Find all threads started by Atrsy. Betty Ro used a pure blind contour drawing exercise where you don’t look at the drawing at all. Both Nicolaides and Edwards used more of a modified contour where you look at the paper several times during the process but never when actually moving the pencil across the paper. He never intended them as standalone works of art by themselves.


Charles Sovek wrote a guide to oil painting that supposedly is influenced by Nicolaides’ approach. Draww group in the Creativity forum is following the exercises nicolaises like with Nicolaides book, they didn’t see the value at the beginning but are now coming around to getting something out of it.

I have only read the first 2 chapters so far but already think his book is one of the best I have read in that he really clearly defines gesture and contour drawing and the importance of it. I have heard about it for months and felt it was a waste of time. I wanted to get to the nitty-gritty, the finished work. However, I have found that in following his schedule my drawing abilities have improved noticeably.

Particularly my life drawing, which is my aim. Photos are difficult, but nothing like drawing a living, breathing, moving subject. The lessons have helped me tremendously. Further to this, I have also found that my drawing nicokaides photos has improved as well and here’s the most significant thing for me.

I have chosen to do at least sketches: What has resulted is an entirely different response from the critiques here at WC.

With other drawings that I just do, there has always been much to change.

Kimon Nicolaides – The Natural Way to Draw Download ( Pages)

The other thing I aay about the blind contour, is that I think again it is important to develop an art memory which I think is what blind contour is all about and I could very well be wrong. I want in the future to be able to draw from my mind and not have to sit and stare for hours at my subject. So far, I think it’s an awesome book and I have read just about every book there is in our library on drawing.

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Kimon Nicolaides’ Natural Way to Draw What do you guys think of this book, and more importantly, what results have you seen coming from dgaw use of this book? Send a private message to CoolArtiste.