After the fan-release of Kithbook: Boggan, do you think we need a Kithbook: Sidhe. I have to say, I was very dissapointed when they published. Kithbook: Trolls – Truth, Honor, Justice It is for these things that trolls stand for The history of the trolls, from their ancient war with the sidhe to. Changeling: The Dreaming – Kithbook: Boggans – Free download as PDF File Do you think that the sidhe make a practice of inviting us around for tea and.

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Nockers who have committed particularly heinous crimes may lose their inventor licenses forever. Their hair is saturated with colour, and their eyes tend to be odd, striking hues, such as violet, silver, or emerald green. Unfortunately, you have started to think of yourself this way as well.

Other Sidhe may view you as a rabble-rouser. You keep your emotions pent-up inside and let no one know what you need to want. That’s sudhe I’m really looking forward to also – all of the kiths and houses under one roof! They are tall and thin, with perfect bodies, pleasing, angular features, and tapered, pointed ears. Often times, a Sidhe will be the most popular girl in school, with plenty of daddy’s money to her name.

Your fae mien is extra hirsute so you rarely get cold without clothing, but try explaining that to the local Duke, or better yet, the mortal authorities. Pooka Parfum de Goat Satyrs The goat musk is a unique, horrific scent that makes the eyes water. Storytellers should take a great deal of care not to let this flaw be abused. Merely being outside will give you what rays you need, even though it’s not a bright day.

You are completely blind in any surroundings brighter than firelight, though you can see if you sidbe extremely dark glasses. You’re most comfortable at home, and generally don’t even let others see you, preferring to remain behind curtains or one-way glass. This banishment of a sort hinders greatly your chances for romance, for acquiring a title, or even just chatting with the other Changelings.


It is so common it is to be expected. Sluagh Grip of Death Sluagh This is an example of a Sluagh whose Glamour and fae mien have been warped due to constant association with the Black Paths of Balor, or some relation kuthbook the Nunnehi family known as the Pu’gwis.

They often carry important stations in life as well as in court, and are mostly wealthy, entitled, and charming.

Clurichaun Kith Book – Onyx Path Forums

Clurichaun Kith Book You are bound to remain within a particular set of borders, and crossing their threshold immediately triggers a wasting condition identical to the Oba Frailty, Native Soil.

Your affinity has isdhe problem and, worse, it leaks over into your Changeling mien. That, coupled with the domineering attitude of most Sidhe towards Commoners means that tension runs high. Callous, Condescending, Impatient, Oblivious, Tactless.

Not a single memory makes it back through the change. It makes them cringe. kithbok

Kith-Specific Flaws

You are a throwback to the original goblins and are used to life underground. Every Changeling Kith has some Flaws that are exclusive to them, things that only their species of Fae have to deal with.

Redcaps Dead Roommate Sluagh The “Wailing” has caused quite a bit ssidhe trouble for you ever since it occurred, one of which is that a ghost now inhabits your favourite kithbopk. This wouldn’t be so bad, except now she’s a Wraith and she’s out to make your life a brief living hell. While wearing clothes you feel uncomfortable and ill at ease; for every week that you spend wearing clothes without being naked for at least one full day you gain a point of temporary banality.

This Flaw should be strictly roleplayed, and the Storyteller may see fit to impose dice penalties depending on kitnbook circumstances. When you’re given an opportunity, you’d better act quickly or it just might pass you by. Awe and Beauty – Sidhe get two extra dots of Appearance during character creation, even if this increases scores above 5.


Actually, you’ve grown so kithhook to your own odor that you never even notice it. Nockers Gregarious Sluagh Among the worst breaches of etiquette a Sluagh can commit is spending too much time in the company of others. Yet, to your credit, you kkithbook a damn good time at the party. Their complaints about your fair and just policies make no sense to you.

Sign In Don’t have an account? This Flaw stems from a curse or an ancient Geas and cannot be undone except by truly legendary means. In some cases, this may manifest as excessive hariness, fang-like teeth, clammy skin or even internal organs arranged in an odd manner.

Somewhere along the line, someone whom you wronged died. They cannot help but stand out in sifhe crowd. And when an important obligation comes along, you flit off to have fun rather than perform your duty. No longer do you see any good in the world or in others. You have broken Nocker prohibitions.


Sometimes it’s just easier to remain celibate. You have inherited this urge from your affinity. You may be working off your debt currently. The animalistic features so apparent in your faerie mien leak over into your mortal form as well. Although you can still play an instrument with no problem, most people want you to not sing.

Whatever the case, you find it much easier to stay in your animal form the majority of the time. Your eyes are luminous saucers in your fae mien. Your knowledge of the Waking World is several centuries out of date, and you are unable or unwilling to catch up. Satyrs kthbook are not bothered by your musk.