kurkure is fun snack that can be eaten at all times and is very tasty that suits the Indian Marketing Strategies of Kurkure brand. New marketing plan for Kurkure Frito Lay India today unveiled a new campaign that makes family central to its marketing plan for its “Kurkure” snack range. The luck was in how Kurkure did stunningly well in the market. However, advertising was not the only strategy that the company relied on.

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The packaging too was perceived as high quality. Marketing Strategies of Bingo brand.

Examples of it are many. The competition forced it to be innovative again.

Kurkure Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

In order to tackle the competition rising from regional players, the regional variants are placed in the retail shops in every state. The brand created a new space in the market sttrategy succeeded in winning the hearts of customers The company was relying on communication and mafketing pushing the boundaries of marketing innovations. Tagore never ate ‘Kurkure’ Video: She did many fun and memorable ads with the brands which were very popular at that time and even today.

But these snacks have limited appeal as they prefer spicy snacks. Kurkure also comes in special gift packaging during festival seasons as a gift to be exchanged with relatives. When are people most likely to engage in conversations? It faces huge competition from various other products in the same category and hence it has to price its products well to be successful in the market. Kurkure now on will be less about flavours and more about ingredients.

The advertisement of Kurkure is based on funny sequences. Wednesday, September 9, Creative Blog on Indian brands, Marketing and Advertising.

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Kurkure adopts an innovative marketing strategy – Business

Catchy Hindi slogans for Gym Business. However, this might require efforts to maintain product integrity. Available in several flavors, this brand is one of the top-notch leaders in making corn puff snack.

For example, there are special-occasion snacks and region-specific snacks that Kurkure can offer.

Markering first brand ambassador of this brand was roped Juhi Chawla in the year All others such as Bingo, Yellow Diamond, Balaji and Bikanerwala together accounts for less than 25 per cent. The product contains rajma and ragi, staple Punjabi food, apart from the usual rice, corn, spices and lentil.

The pricing strategy adopted can also be termed as reasonable pricing because its products are available in packs of Rs. The brand has also taken special care of the regional taste of different states of India like Punjab, Gujarat etc.

Kurkure could explore resealable bags and sell Kurkure or some version of it in larger quantities. Instead of a purely corn-based product, the team came up with a spicy flavoured Masala Munch made of lentils, rice and corn. This issue has withered away,” says Warrier.

Catchy Hindi slogans for an Air Cooler brand. For majority of the variants of Kurkure, it comes in the standard packaging worth Rs. This was one of the most popular ads done by the actress for Kurkure.

How PepsiCo’s Kurkure managed to grab and retain snack market share

Though Kurkure created a new space in the market, the larger challenge for the company was to get the customers hooked to its unusually shape and crunchy texture. The company has kept the pricing strategy competitive as other brands also have similar pricing strategy for the products.

So, Kurkure would stand apart with its ingredients rather than just flavours,” adds Warrier. Once again a less than coy Kurkure Ambassador defies her extra choosy dad by voicing her endosrement of a cute but crude prospective ‘tedha’ groom.


Best Courier Brands in India. Advertising Strategy of Lehar kurkure Kurkure Kurkure is a brand of tasty snacks launched by PepsiCo India for Indian customers.

Positive returns for investors in Travel: It was this irrepressible, loud, desi brand that was affordable. The first objective was to start consumer trials. Kurkure is named after the Hindi word ‘crunchy’ and is one of the popular food products in India.

Similarly, they launched contests during the launch of Funjabi Kadhai Masala and butter masala. The ingredients are fed into a machine that makes puffed extrusions or collette, which are then cut to desired length. The brand is known for introducing local flavors which suit the taste buds of people.

Today, the company commands about marketingg per cent market share in the ‘bridge’ category, which is worth Rs 1, crore. Launched inthe brand has developed to be among favourites for many Indians. Advertising strategy of Onida Getting into a lather by Purvita Chatterje The companies are not associated with MBASkool in any way. Pepsi snacks to go on a health diet Markets: This case study looks at how PepsiCo managed to grab and retain the market space with Kurkure.

That meant building trust and connection by informing them of the authentic ingredients that go into the straategy. Aroundthe brand had begun widening its consumption base in a manner similar to that of Cadbury’s ad campaign through which it tried to put itself in place of traditional sweets.