Hello to everybody, This is my first post here although I have been following the forum for quite a while! I’ve been playing blues and rock on guitar for years and. This garbage pick four-string tenor guitar accompanies Kurt on “Polish Song” (” The Guitarteachers and authors of guitar methods like to argue over what the ” best” here allows for example in the book “Intervallic Improvisation – The Modern. Learn how to play 5 cool guitar licks in the style of Kurt Rosenwinkel.

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One of the best things about this book is that it really inspires you to come up with your own ideas. Kind of like guiatr discjockey I go back and forth over a progression giitar whatever it is that I’m working on, until I feel comfortable with it. Every jazz standard offers something different and interesting harmonically and melodically.

This New York telephone directory style bible mostly addresses triads and all their permutations on various stringsets.

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For Kurt composing usually starts with some kind of discovery. Kurt admittedly is also still trying to solve that puzzle. I look at it like I’m learning a language and need to have some practical conversation. From his guitar Kurt runs his signal through a RAT distortion pedal such as the one used by Scofieldgoing into a Line 6 Delay, followed by a Lexicon MPX effect processor of its many programs Kurt almost exclusively uses a “hall” or “large plate” reverb and finally amplified by a Polytone bassamp with a 15′ speaker from the 80’s.

What do you think about the books ive mentioned? You know, learning by making and correcting errors.


The Kurt Rosenwinkel Forum ยป Topic: Guitar method book suggestions for newbie!

In connection with this roxenwinkel Kurt mentions the study of triads from harmonic minor as well as various possibilities for the movement of inner voices as particularly interesting to him. I’m with Sheryl Bailey’s ‘Bebop Dojo’ highly recommended!

NJanoff on “Guitar method book suggestions for newbie! His favorite tuning from low to high e-String would be: Timpap, You’ve got a LOT of information between the books you list in your original post.

Out of a discontent over letting the fingers dictate which voicing would be played he chose voluntary selfsabotage and started to randomly retune his guitar. Over time some topics have repeatedly come up that I work on regularly.

Insights are to be shared. Ave building with “Stella”. Also, I’d suggest developing a daily ear training routine NOW. Your money would be better served getting a teacher to check out your playing and advise on the best way to build on the blues and rock skills you already have. What do you think about those books?

The Music of Kurt Rosenwinkel: Kurt Rosenwinkel Guitar Method Book

rosenwinkeo Or not ; that chart alone is worth the price of the book. To have a certain collection of voicings for every harmony, and a sound you already internally hear before you actually play it, would eventually make it redundant to still play it. When I ask myself what are my weaknesses? Even methor Kurt acknowledges harmonic analysis and substitution as very interesting topics Kurt continues to recommend to such students to rather first memorize as many standards as possible.

I constantly invent exercises to work on certain things, such as problems arising out of improvising. I’ve been playing blues and rock on guitar for years and now I wanna go into jazz. Kurt considers it common knowledge of any modern soloist and accordingly employs it with great command. In line with general arms reduction his set-up from cold war Berklee days with poweramp and Boogie speakers has given way to simple one amp weaponry.


To me it doesn’t seem that I’ve been working hard because I’ve always discovered something. Most of the time I improvise over a standard or something like that until I find a spot that I work on for some time and then I continue rosenwunkel improvise. Alternative Tunings Kurt reports that at a certain point his knowledge about voicings led him into a crisis. Among his idols are also piano legends such as Bud Powell and Keith Jarrett, which as Kurt puts offer certain aspects in their playing gyitar he tries to emulate.

He constantly invents his own exercises that he continuously develops. Browse the Latest Snapshot. As far as books, George Van Eps, Mick Goodrick, there a number previously discussed elsewhere on this forum which was helpful to me.

Just like the first time you touched a guitar all you have is yours ears to rely on – and that’s exactly what Kurt’s intention was.

Joe Pass “Guitar Style” is good, Jon Damian’s book on kkrt and composition, Bill Hart’s Chord Melody Method, Omnibook for Guitar was double good for me to learn how to finger a lot of bop stuffTed Reed’s drum book for rhythm work, and one can never go wrong with the any of the Bergonzi books.