Drum (Falconhurst) by Kyle Onstott – book cover, description, publication history. Drum is a American film based on the Kyle Onstott novel of the same name. It was released by United Artists and is a sequel to the film Mandingo, released. Kyle Onstott was an American novelist, known for his best-selling novel Mandingo (), Lance Horner); Falconhurst Fancy; Flight to Falconhurst; Master of Falconhurst; The Tattooed Rood; Drum; Strange Harvest (with Ashley Carter).

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Ever since becoming aware of their crime, Hammond had searched for them in vain, but when he omstott them again he buys them from their current owner and brings them home with him, intending to imprison them away from the other slave sto heighten the suspense of what is sure to be some inevitable payback punishment, a reprisal that turns out to be imminent castration for both.

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Shallow chips missing from jacket, very bright front panel, but the spine is sunned. Fiction, Slavery, Blackploitation, Southern U. Well, poor Tamboura is shit outta luck because some of his jealous family members plot against him in an effort to usurp his right of tribal leadership succession onstotr successfully drug and kidnap him, selling him into slavery to an Arab flesh-trader rather than kill him outright, which would have offended the spirits.

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Drum Theatrical release poster. Date read is a guess. Tanning, foxing and thumbing througho Book is in Very Good condition, with light spine creases, mild edgewear and toned inner covers. Each third of this long but fast-paced book is thus an almost independent novelette.


Drum Onstott, Kyle NY: With the first of MANDINGO’s sequels, ‘s DRUM, Onstott acknowledges the contributions of his “good friend and collaborator, Lance Horner, to whom I am profpundly obligated for the assistance he has given me and without whose insistence, aid, and persistent encouragement this book would never have been finished.

Dino Lnstott Laurentiis Company. The New Orleans of Onstktt Should I start by reading Mandingo? Crest [ ] [], 34th printing.

Drum lusts after white women an attitude he very wisely keeps to himselfbut never gets with one, settling instead for the light-skinned beauties in his mother’s employ. It’s an excellent, evocative story abut slavery, onsgott the reader back in time, as though you were there.

There’s enough there that is pure Mandingo Onstott, but the zip and zing in this one can ostott be due to Horner and his rather quirky grasp of Southern gothic horror porno exploito-trash.

Kyle Onstott: Books, Comics & Magazines | eBay

There’s no straw to gra A wise person once said on the internets: Because of the sticky issue of race and a generation of the PC Thought Police, there’s a little voice in the back of my mind that wants to have a valid and “socially-approved” reason for loving this genre so much.

The Tattooed Rood by Kyle Onstott. Sophie also attempts to sleep with Blaise and after being rejected, tells her father that Blaise has raped her, which is a lie. Bottom front corner has a small crease. Also figuring into this are Alph and Meg, twin former slaves of Hammond’s who he sold a decade earlier, only to discover later that they had blackmailed his dead wife into allowing them to fuck her whenever they demanded it, lest they tell massa about her dalliances with Mede.


I think a book called “Mandingo” basically started the “Plantation” fiction craze and this was a follow-up to that.

Kyle Onstott

The rest of the story relates Drumson’s day-to-day interactions with the Falconhurst slaves, his devoted friendship with Miss Augusta who turns out to be one of the most genuine and sweet white folks in the entire seriesand the growing resentment of Drumson by slaves Clees and Clytie.

And this book was a featured selection in the “Reading Club For Men” in The Mahoud by Lance Horner. Not Signed or Inscribed. Well worth reading, even if you have not read its ponderous predecessor, DRUM is definitely recommended to the interested. Acceptable – Master of Falconhurst – Onstott, Kyle edition. By the time “Root” was made into a movie, it was so similar to Onstotts novel but it left out much of the historical background that was significant in “Drum”.

Blaise is put in chains and Maxwell decides that he must be castrated for the alleged rape. Octavo standard book size.