Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon has ratings and 24 reviews. Adam said: L. Neil Smith isn’t a bad writer, and these stories aren’t bad, bu. Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon is the second novel in L. Neil Smith’s Lando. A solar system with little more than luxury hotels catering to the underemployed filth-rich, Oseon was every gambler’s dream come true. And so it was for Lando.

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July second reread: Remnant Force Heretic II: In the last book, Rokur Gepta and his henchman hire Lando to get the Mindharp. In the course of defending himself, he kills oeon attacker and soon finds himself under arrest. The radiation that accompanied Flamewind was a detriment to navigation and life support systems.

There are a couple of twist that don’t really make sense, at least to me. So when he gets invited to This book is a step down from the first in the series. Instead, we just get Vuffi Raa, who is basically just Lando’s Chewie. The Lando Calrissian Adventures: Refresh and try again.

Lando’s enemies have started to zone in on him now; as his misadventures have led sinister and savage forces against him.

Lando Calrissian is struggling to make ends meet as an honest businessman; the odds always seem to be stacked against him. Good, but not great. By the time the book is over, it feels like the robot sidekick Vuffi Raa is the hero and main character, and that everything is being set up for a sequel. Bell-bot First mentioned Class Two multi-phasic robot. Jedi Healer Jedi Trial Yoda: In Flamewind of Oseon, there are four characters, including an ineffectual avian Narc, a cop with a chip on her shoulder, and a rich official who likes Lando but has to put him in a dangerous situation because of money.


It’s a bit heavy handed; give me a character with nuance and substance, not cliched traits. Lando Calrissian was starting to believe that someone or something was out to get them. Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon is the second novel in L. The last one is another of Smith’s unsubtle libertarian morality fables: Which brings me to question, how did he lose the Falcon to Han?!

Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away”. Star Wars Legends novels — Smith continues to reference too many real-world things, though that may be due to it being written so early in the Expanded Universe, before terms like “transparisteel” replaced “glass” and “death sticks” replaced “cigarettes”.

Sep 27, Stephen T Shores rated it liked it. I’m not sure what Smith was trying to do with this one, but it almost seems that he threw together a hodge-podge series of plot elements in hopes that a cohesive narrative would rise from the mix. Sep 10, Christopher Rush rated it liked it Shelves: But like Daley’s Solo novels, these books actually take place in a pseudo-independent polity, this one called the Centrality. Smith soon tires, likewise, of attempting to make it “Star Wars,” filling this book with cigars, coffee, and even references to this world!

Lost Tribe of the Sith: It was soon discovered that Waywa Fybot was in league with Mutdah, who promised the avian a discharge from his duties, in exchange flamewindd protection. They retreated, and the Millennium Falcon continued its journey to Flamewinx should have established a baseline for Lando, a standard lifestyle that the moral exigencies of ESB would later jerk him out of.

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He’s also an ancient alien artifact made of technologies no longer found in droid-making with correspondingly amazing abilities. As he turned to leave, he was set upon by an unknown assailant. Deceived The Old Th Another complaint of mine is the big bad of this trilogy: There are plenty of good tropes for gambling and con artist stories.


The book begins shortly after Lando wins the Millennium Falcon in a game of sabacc, as well as a robot which fkamewind be picked up in the Rafa system. In the movies, Han has Chewie, and you get the impression they are sort of independent operators. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Open Preview See a Problem? And there’s some attack fightgers sprinkled in ,ando are apparently after Vuffi raa for a wring he did to them.

Vuffi Raa, his sidekick, is the one who keeps Lando moving forward and alivecalrisssian Lando is mostly interested in playing Sabacc and smoking cigars. Better than the last one until you get to the end and realize there wasn’t any logic to anything that happened. Unfortunately, though, somewhere in t This second book starts off rather promising: Homebody by Joanna GainesHardcover 8.

Shouldn’t he be mad at the henchman? Polish – Lando Calrissian i Ogniowicher Oseona. The plot was simpler than the last one, but oseoon we found out who was “behind it all” I lost any kind of respect Calrsisian might have had for the bad guy. Although it does give the earliest and most detailed explaniation that I’m aware of for the game of Sabbac that I’ve seen, so there’s that. But time after time, the Falcon is targeted with different bombs and tamperings meant to kill Lando.

The first of which are the Sharu. After an explosion rocks the hull of the Falconthey safely land. And like Jadis, he’s very old, but you couldn’t tell just by looking at him.