Latine discere iuvat, Volume 1. Front Cover. Carl Egger. Libreria Editrice Vaticana, – Language Arts & Disciplines – pages. Latine discere iuvat, Volume 2. Front Cover. Carl Egger. Office Libr. Vaticana, Bibliographic information. QR code for Latine discere iuvat. Get this from a library! Latine discere iuvat. [Carl Egger].

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I’d like to have an opinion http: If there are several common spellings for a name, these are included at the beginning of the entry. Both reviews are printed here, as each articulates valuable insights and different emphases with respect to the title.

It is up to the reader to understand that words normally considered interjections in traditional dictionaries of the language are treated as onomatopoeias by the authors, and that these words will not necessarily be considered onomatopoeias universally. The work is printed on good quality, acid-free paper and is hardbound. Each entry begins in bold print and indicates the gender of the name, its linguistic origin and evolution, as well as a number of pertinent cross-references to other first names; unfortunately, phonetic transcriptions of names are not included.

For this, one must use the alphabetical index. Each entry includes a paraphrase, and some have indications of regional use. The DUEAE also includes tables and text boxes explaining certain concepts accents, numerals, punctuation marks in greater detail. Glosses can include verb derivatives; many do not. The original entries were left untouched in most cases, though this means that more recent critical editions were generally not consulted for those entries.

Variant spellings are listed along with the headword; this practice is helpful to the scholar who wants to understand the breadth of the usage despite minimal differences in orthography.

In all respects this lexicon is a tour-de-force.

Latine Discere Ivvat

Although Astor is to be applauded for using clear and concise language, and for providing a three-page glossary of linguistic terms, the general public will find the morpho-phonetic and syntactic section challenging to understand because of the linguistic terminology and symbols used. Sed ego ipse, cum lagine rem aliquam et cum secundum eam vocem corpus a dixcere movebant videbam et tenebam hoc abl. I’m losing my perspicacity!


The author notes that the Latin American titles consulted were limited to those with online versions. This is a very powerful learning tool.

The previous discussion between Interaxus and myself is to be found in the Adler Thread towards the end. Two notation systems are employed, that of neogrammarians, and that in favor since the vogue of the laryngeal theory.

You can correct your grammar as you go, diacere talk about your latin, in latin, in real time.

The old edition of “Le Latin sans peine” seems still available from the Italian Assimil website: The political slant of some of the writing on the Grex has dismayed me, and I know others here on textkit have voiced similar views in the past, when discussing the Grex. Delamarre situates Gaulish with reference to insular Celtic Brythonic, Goidelic and to Greek, Latin, and ,atine, as a distinct member of the Indo-European IE family, one not to be confused with the language of medieval and modern Brittany, which derives from early British Celtic.

These weaknesses are minor in comparison with its strength of attention to detail: The introduction states latinr of the 23, entries, 13, of these are not found in the DRAE.

I really hope they check it out. There are also phonetic spellings to assist the user with pronunciation. Best known as the author and compiler of the Gran diccionario del argot.

Translate latine discere iuvat from Latin to Italian

The thematic index comes next. Despite its low name count, the Dictionnaire should not be underestimated as a useful reference tool. The DPR provides a table of contents, a key to symbols and acronyms, citations, crossreferences, and a page bibliography, but no index. Click on ‘Venalia’ on the sidebar and then on Editiones Latine or Anglice, as you prefer. Whenever that was not possible, we took words from the Latin of the Middle Ages, from ecclesiastical Latin, and from the Greek language.


Check before you buy. Its compilers used literary as well as non-literary sources and oral as well as written. There, each Latin sentence is transliterated into Russian letters before being translated into Russian the instructional language is otherwise French or Italian in the published course-books. Entries are separated to indicate hyphenation. That said, it is not clear who the intended audience is for this work, which seems to be aimed both at the specialist and at the amateur interested in learning more about a family name.

For this reason, it is suggested for libraries serving a broad French-speaking public and for non-French institutions that serve specialists on the French Midi. Latin American terms that end up being used in the Spanish press do not have notes tracing their origin.

Unlike other dictionaries in which stumbling across these helpful inserts is left to serendipity, the DUEAE provides an index to these tables and sections. Thanks for your generous offer of mp3 files. Over two-thirds of the work latins composed of the alphabetical dictionary entries. A very brief definition follows. The particular value of this dictionary lies in its extraction of lemmata from text passages that illustrate language usage at a specific time and in discwre specific region.

It is more encyclopedic than its discee implies, and offers the added benefit of being written in latind engaging style. Unless the user is familiar with the francophone authors, he may not understand that the word comes from a source outside of the Hexagon. The project team has followed traditional patterns used in Latin word formation.

The Assimil company has launched a totally new Assimil Latin course but this has been scathingly criticized by some.