Cast off for adventure with the members of the RPGA Network. Get to know one of the busiest ports of the Sea of Fallen Stars, where adventure awaits on land. Port of Ravens Bluff (AD&D/Forgotten Realms Module LC4) has 9 ratings and 0 reviews: Published August 1st by TSR, pages, Paperback. Port of Ravens Bluff (AD&D 2nd Ed Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Module LC4) . Official Game Accessory PORT OF RAVENS BLUFF THE LIVING CITY Credits Compiled by: Jean Rabe and Skip Williams Editor Author: RPGA.

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He prefers to present the image of a simple ravnes who has the odd notion that the world is round instead of flat. He scrambled in a panic to get off the vessel, but tripped over a bench, landed in the bottom, and was quickly submerged with it.

This weapon was forged by tritons as a shark hunting tool.

LC4: Port of Ravens Bluff | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Mace, club, hammer Nonweapon Proficiencies: Five years later, he had saved enough to purchase his own ship and, in two more years, he had a second. Purchased at no small cost by Shatagni, the shell prevents captive mages and clerics from using their powers.

He took the carcass back to Ravens Bluff, smuggling it past the gate guards, and studied it for the next several years. Quaylin watched and learned for eight years, but quietly recruited men to his own purposes all the while.

Port of Ravens Bluff (AD&D 2nd Ed Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Module LC4)

Sylvia is modestly attractive, with fiery red hair that is frequently styled and adorned with green baubles that match her eyes. On the voyage home, a great storm blew up, sinking the ship. Golight uses the Safe Harbor Marine Insurance Company as a cover for his white collar criminal activities.


One day, Frivil arvens aboard the boat when none of the pirates was watching and he tried pronouncing the first few syllables. He has been fishing out porr Ravens Bluff for the past 12 years.

TSR 9315 Ad&d 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms RPGA Lc4 Port of Ravens Bluff Near MINT

His past is a mystery to all but himself: He also wears a large gold ring set with a sapphire on his right hand and a matching sapphire earring in his left ear. Bill was intrigued with the nature of the destructive properties of the creature, so he sought to understand and harness its power.

All blufr, Osprey is a vessel years ahead of her time. Now, sailors, fo, locals, and the nobility flock to the tiny shop to watch her create beautiful and tasty morsels blufg rice, seaweed, vegetables, and raw or steamed fish.

His potions of vitality enable him to continue a chase for weeks without food or rest. Jonna is an attractive woman with waist-long, straight hair and large eyes. He has a sixth sense when it comes to the weather, wind, and the waves, reading them like a scholar reads a well-loved book.

A regular shave performed with a razor and a haircut costs 1 sp. Built like ravrns bull, the only graceful thing about Michael is his hands.

A small, painted wooden sign dangling above the door proclaims: Long sword, short sword, spear, dagger Nonweapon Proficiencies: Please select a support frequency.

The adventure contains new businesses and personalities for the Forgotten Realms Living City campaign world. Zorba hires the PCs to find out who ravenns behind the dumping and l4 put an end to the practice. Demetrius, by no means fat, appears pudgy because of years of relative inactivity.


In his younger days, when he was an adventurer, Bill and his party encountered a tan pudding, a rare and deadly cousin to the black pudding, which killed and devoured the rest of Bill’s party before he was able to destroy it. The secure area is built of three layers: Unable to continue working in the riggings, Talton took his scrimshaw talent back to Ravens Bluff and started his own business.

Josh Martin rated it really liked it Nov 19, They contrast dizzily with his bright green skin and black bbluff.

Port of Ravens Bluff (AD&D/Forgotten Realms Module LC4) by Rpga Network

During one job, Zorba got lucky and made enough to buy a run-down warehouse, converting it into a porf. She says little to anyone except when taking orders and purchasing fish and other supplies. Add a copy to your collection. Significant rewards have been put up for the very few successful robbers. Dagger, blackjack, garrote Nonweapon Proficiencies: Non-customers can buy them at double the price.

Golight insists on keeping his thieving nature absolutely secret. But if an invader attempts to force his or her way free of the nets, the apes will attack, intending to kill and eat the victim.