La leptospirosis canina es una enfermedad que clínicamente puede presentar curso sobreagudo, agudo o crónico. Es de difícil diagnóstico por la gran variedad . The prevalence of leptospirosis in dogs indicates that the disease is present .. Caballero A. Leptospirosis canina y su relación con el hombre. INFORME BREVE. Genotypes of Leptospira spp. strains isolated from dogs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Genotipos de cepas de Leptospira spp. aisladas de.

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Veterinaria México OA

Rev Cubana Med Trop. Influence of infecting serogroup on clinical features of leptospirosis in dogs.

Vet Res 38, The transmission of the Leptospira infection occurs by contact of intact mucous membranes or abraded skin with infected urine or urine-contaminated soil, water, food and also after bite-wound inoculation or ingestion of infected tissues Sykes et al Epidemiological features of infection through Leptospira spp in domestic cats Felis catus apparently healthy within the metropolitan area of Goiania, Brazil.

Besides, dogs living in suburban or urban settings may also be at leptospirosie because of the presence of wildlife reservoir hosts Gautam et al b.

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Leptospirosis in dogs and cats on the island of Trinidad: This test provides an estimate of the antibody titre against leptospires present in the serum of the patient. Disposable bedding should be placed in biohazard bags and properly handled. To determine the seroprevalence and main risk factors associated with serovars of Leptospira in dogs from Culiacan, Sinaloa, we obtained serum samples from dogs.

The disease tends to be seasonal in temperate climates and year-round in tropical climates. Evolution and pathogenesis of Leptospira spp: Diagn Micr Infec Dis doi: Bacterial infections of humans.

For this reason, the test only adds preliminary evidence of leptospiral infection, but the diagnosis must be confirmed by other methods Langston and Heuter Sessions J, C Greene. On the leptospiroxis hand, the non-pathogenic or saprophitic species are environmental strains Picardeau To prevent the disease in pets and their owners, simple preventive measures can be applied focusing on reducing the chances of infection, including vaccination in dogs, good hygiene and to avoid the exposure of dogs and cats to infected animals and reservoir hosts.


J Am Vet Med Assoc. Zoonoses Public Health 57, Clinical application of a polymerase chain reaction assay for diagnosis of leptospirosis in dogs.

Leptospira may survive in the environment which increases the complexity of the epidemiology. IgM antibodies become detectable during the first week of illness and their detection by ELISA can be more sensitive than MAT when the sample is taken early in the acute phase of illness Levett Canine leptospirosis infections clinical signs and outcome with different suspected Leptospira serogrups 42 cases.

Leptospirosis is not always diagnosed or considered as a differential diagnosis of other pathologies in canine clinical practice, mostly due to their variable clinical presentation, which might result in variable prevalence rates between different regions and countries.

The leptospiral strain was designed as “Leptospira canicola”. Dogs and cats can be infected with different serovars, which vary according to the geographic area, environmental characteristics, the degree of contact with the reservoir hosts of the bacteria and the life conditions of the pets.

Conventional and real-time assays have been developed and although this test has been designed to canija pathogenic serovars only, currently available assays do not differentiate between serovars and serogroups Sykes et al However most of the commercially available and in-house tests for leptospirosis have no validation of their diagnostic performance and some present variable results depending of the country or geographic region that hampers their selection as tests of choice Picardeau et al Predicting the occurrence of leptospirosis is also potentially valuable as it serves to reduce the exposure of pet owners to sources of leptospires contacted by their pets Ward Nationwide survey of Leptospira antibodies in dogs in Japan: In the primary reservoir leptosporosis, kidney colonization occurs because the bacterium persist in the kidney tubular epithelial cells Sessions and Greene a.


Upon diagnosis of leptospirosis, veterinarians should inform the owners of their zoonotic potential and recommend that they seek medical attention if illness occurs around the time their dog is diagnosed.

Vet Microbiol 95, Whenit comes to recommending a diagnostic test for the diagnosis of leptospirosis in dogs, McBride et al noted that the selection of an assay relied more on the availability, cost and the feasibility of implementing the test for point-of-care diagnosis.

J Am Vet Med Asosc. The MAT and PCR are the two techniques allowing the confirmation of the diagnosis, but the MAT is only used in few reference laboratories and PCR on blood samples is possible only for a short window few days in the first week of the disease Picardeau A serological survey of dogs, cats and horses in south-eastern Australia for leptospiral antibodies. Further studies are needed to determine the characteristics of the Leptospira infection in different canine and feline populations and also it is necessary to increase the awareness of leptospirosis in veterinarians and through them, pass it caninq pet owners and the general public.

The findings in complete blood count of infected dogs may include neutrophilia, sometimes with a left shift, lymphopenia leptospirpsis mild to moderate non-regenerative anemia.