Leslie in California / by Andre Dubus. Dubus, Andre, (Author). General Note: “This copy of Leslie in California is number 87 in an edition limited to. mar Leslie in California Introduction The short story “Leslie in California”, is written by Andre Dubus in The short story “Leslie in California” is. ANDRE DUBUS’S fourth collection of short stories derives its title from a In ” Leslie in California” a young wife broods over the fact that her.

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My first words of the day, and my voice sounds like dry crying. I open the screen and look up the road as far as I can see, before it curves around a hill in the sun. I get drunk like that, and somebody crazy takes over.

Leslie in California – NOBLE (All Libraries)

The young man, only twenty-three, was killed instantly. He pours two cups, takes his to the table, and sits with a cigarette. I turn the eggs and count to four, then put them on a plate with bacon.

How can a bobcat kill a horse?

Dad liked the Pacific, but we are miles inland and animals are out there with the birds; one morning last week a rattlesnake was on the driveway. Such a plot could easily become soap opera, but with his plain language and astute characterization Dubus weaves a tale that leaves the reader feeling, if not affection, then at least empathy for every member of the family.


You are commenting using your WordPress. I think of dressing and filling the canteen and walking, maybe all morning, I could make a sandwich and bring it in my jacket, and an orange. Email required Address never made public. Dubus trusted his characters so much that he gave his stories over to them.

He lesle the deer camp duty officer one Sunday, and Mom and I brought him lunch. Strout begins to look a lot like Matt Fowler: His arm is over mine, and I bump it as I work the spatula.

The Art of Reading Andre Dubus: We Don’t Have to Live Great Lives

This subject lies at the heart of Voices From the Moon Godine,his longest novella it was actually marketed as a novel and very likely his masterpiece. I put water on the stove and get bacon and eggs and milk from the ice chest.

I light the gas lantern and set it near the stove, and remember New England mornings with the lights on and a warm kitchen and catching the school bus. He did some under-the-table work: I hear him going to the ice chest, dubsu ice moving in there to his big hands. Then I go to the stove and heat the beans on a high flame, watching them, drinking coffee and smoking.

Let me do something for that eye. Overwhelmed and in continual pain, he slipped into a dark depression and, for a time, struggled to write fiction. Dubus lost his left leg below the knee and his right leg was crushed to the point of uselessness. Yet he did so at great sacrifice: I know his mouth and throat are dry, and probably anre has a headache.


Drawing conclusions is up to the jury, that is, the readers. From there I look at the back of his head.

The first time I met Dubus III in person, he told me about the unexpected way his father had influenced his art. He had harpooned it and they were bringing it alongside, it was thrashing around in the water, and he tripped on some line and fell in with it.

We came across country in an old Ford he worked on till it ran like it was young again. I put on the bacon and smoke a cigarette, and when I hear him coming I stand at the stove so my back is to the door. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Dubus was thrown over the cars hood and landed in a crumpled, bleeding mass on the other side—alive but with thirty-four broken bones.