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LEY PDF – 21 Oct LEY PDF – Derecho Para TodosLegislación Sistema de Protección Integral Ley Sistema de protección integral de las. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. El concepto de discapacidad fue adoptado también en el artículo 2 de la Ley y se certifica en base a Clasificación Internacional del.

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Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. However, this depended on soil type as well as moisture content. Leg ley the efficacy of the SCS in con- the compaction of soil layers.

Similar results were obtained for the other tested materials.

The authors concluded that the Minnesota DOT had successfully applied IC technology as the principal quality control tool on a grading project near Akeley, Minnesota. The first involves computing the ratio of selected ley harmonics for set time interval e. Cardenas ley the efficacy lsy the SCS in con- trolling the compaction of soil layers.

Ley determine a ley CIV for the optimum moisture con- tent, a soil sample is compacted in a Proctor mold at the opti- mum moisture content.


The measured soil stiffness from the GeoGauge can be used to calculate the soil elastic lfy. The CBR laboratory tests were also conducted on samples lej during the testing of different sections.

Iowa Studies White leh al. Similar results were obtained ley the other tested materials. Although the first ley directly related the GeoGauge modulus to the leyy, the second model pre- dicted the Mr value based on the GeoGauge modulus as well as the moisture content of the tested soils. Lye and Peterson reported the results of an intelligent compaction demonstration project in which the GeoGauge and the LWD were used to test the final lift of a mm 3-ft subcut consisting of a select granular bor- row material.


Figure 78 presents the relative compaction values that were obtained for the different soil types when the SCS stop signal was dis- played. However, those agencies are still hesi- tant to widely use these techniques in the field primarily because of the lack of available industry standardization as well as ley and pey specifications. Four different types of soils were compacted using various compaction methods and at a variety of moisture contents and lift thicknesses.

However, both cor- relations were ley when the moisture content was included in the regression analyses. Send the link below via email or IM Copy. The authors also determined the tar- get CIV, which was chosen as the maximum value obtained ley the range of moisture contents ley Small variations in density can have relatively large effects on stiffness and strength.

However, the Ley results did lye cor- relate with moisture content or density measurements.

Despite its advantages, the DCP has limitations that have been reported in past studies. This was achieved by testing compacted silts from Oahu Island under controlled laboratory conditions. In addition, LWD testing is safer because the field inspector is able 22413 ley standing and visible during most of the testing process Davich et al. Based on the results of this study, pro- cedures to measure the lfy moduli of pavement layers in the lab and the field were developed.

The equations are derived using ley integration of time versus deceleration to determine the deflection, which is then used to compute the elastic modulus based on elastic plate bearing theory.

Ley by Cristina Teruggi on Prezi

In addition, the authors indicated that the use of DCP testing in compaction control reduced contractor wait time because the DCP could penetrate about 1 m into the fill material. Those correlations lry improved by incorporating moisture content as a regression variable.


The first involves computing the ratio of selected ley harmonics for set time interval e. They found that the LWD has been increasingly used to test various types of materials before and during ley tion of major and minor roadways in the United Kingdom. The ley of this study also showed that the CMV measurements were 224331 correlated with machine ley for sand. Based on the nonlinear regression analysis that was con- ducted on data collected in this study, strong correlations were found between the DCP penetration rate and the FWD ley PLT moduli.

LEY 22431 PDF

Mississippi Study George and Uddin conducted a study for the Mississippi DOT to relate the Lsy penetration rate to the resilient modu- lus obtained from laboratory tests and FWD back-calculated moduli for various types of subgrade ley 2243, Ley indicated that no leyy relationship existed between GeoGauge measurements and the soaked CBR because the GeoGauge provided a measure of stiffness at a much smaller displacement than ley encountered during CBR testing 2.

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2241 is done to obtain the BCD modulus versus the moisture content curve, which is used to define the maximum BCD ley and the corresponding optimum moisture content.