Detailed Review & Our Recommendation on LIC Bima Bachat Plan. Compare Premiums, Key Features & Benefits of this Single Premium Money Back Policy. Detailed Review & Our Recommendation on LIC New Bima Bachat Plan. Compare Premiums, Key Features & Benefits of this Single Premium Money Back . LIC Bima Bachat – Compare features and benefits of Bima Bachat No. from LIC. Also check other latest plans from LIC and check your eligibility with similar.

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To be paid at the termination of 3rd year 2.

LIC Bima Bachat

Application Form filled in with correct medical history and attested. There are a few honourable mentions, when it comes to the prime benefits of the LIC Bima Bachat Plan, making it one of the most sought after life insurance policies. To be paid at the termination of 6th year. What is the Customer Service No.

If the policy holder outlives the duration of the policy, at the time of maturity, a single premium payment excluding extra premium is made along with loyalty additions, if any.

What is Bima Bachat?

If in-case on death of the insured during policy term, his nominee receives the sum assured. For a term 12 years: The amount paid for the premium depends on the duration of the policy taken and life insurance is available till the date of maturity.


LIC Bima Bachat Plan () – Online Reviews, Features & Benefits

Life Insurance Corporation is an Indian state-owned insurance group and investment company headquartered in Mumbai. Why should you revoke your desire to spend all your money in one go and become a dull person investing in policies? How does the plan work? With Aegon iTerm plan, get term insurance cover till the age of ! It is a single premium cash back plan, that is, the lump sum of money is invested in the policy in return for a death benefit. For a term 15 years: Discount is provided on the higher sum assured.

Who is eligible for the policy?

Know Your Customer Documents 4. For Policy Term Of biam Years: Also, the applicant must keep in mind that the amount assured must be a multiple of Rs PolicyX or any of its subsidiaries does not endorse any of the information provided herewith and are committed in providing correct and unbiased information to its customers helping them make an informed decision. Single premium of approximate Rs. What other benefits do I receive during the specified duration of the policy?

The Loyalty Addition, if any, is payable on death after completion of five policy years and on policyholder surviving to maturity, at such rate and on such terms as bwchat be declared by the Corporation. When am I eligible for the guaranteed surrender value? The following are the requirements that one needs to be aware of before applying for this policy: The rate of interest for this will be determined from time to time by the corporation. Depending upon the Corporation’s experience the policies shall be participate in the profits and shall be eligible for Loyalty Addition.


On death during the first five policy years: To be paid at the termination of 9th year. Things you must know. A passport sized photograph.

Also, it can be bought through agents, brokers or other company mediators. If the policyholder dies after the completion of 5 years of the policy lif, then only the sum assured along with the loyalty addition if any is returned to the nominee.

It is a single premium participating endowment policy, that bxchat, it is the traditional cash back plan with scheduled payments coupled with the return of the entire premium in addition to loyalty points given at the completion of policy tenure.

We take care of all the phases of insurance, whether you’ve bought the policy from us or not.

LIC Bima Bachat Plan – Review, Key Features & Benefits

Bima Bachat is the only money-back policy that offers a loan facility. As mentioned previously, there is a rebate available for high sum assured. A OneInsure representative will call you shortly.

Things you must know. As per section 80C, income tax is excused for the premium paid and on the claims received, according to the Income Tax Act.