Shop Linex Usb Pll Fm Transmitter – Windows Mac Linux. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. I just picked up one of these. PDA-M QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem. I’m very pleased. It sends. Linex fm transmitter. likes · 1 talking about this. linex fm transmitter.

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We spent the day at Taronga Zoo, and then were taken by water taxi to Darling Harbour, where we had dinner…. The transmitter itself is digitally controlled and is extremely user friendly. You simply connect it to the output of a mp3 player, CD player, musical instrument or any audio device.

An electret microphone is used to add sensitivity. Dick Cappel’s page illustrates an extremely basic small FM transmitter that rebroadcasts sounds using a 1. The FM transmitter has a standard 3. DriverGuru Senator et Subscriptor Transjitter This is one of the most powerful FM transmitters that you can legally purchase.

The digital audio is streamed over the USB link into the transmitter and then converted to analog audio for transmission once it gets to the transmitter! The volume of sound needed to trigger the circuit is adjustable.

Sat Mar 25, 5: From more than 2 metres away, the received sound was noisy with lots of static. It is cheaper and it sounds almost as good as plugging the iPod directly into the stereo. Includes low pass filter design. Last night I was noticing a very slight buzzing in the transmitterr maybe because of a nearby fluorescent light. Update I’m super duper satisfied. I just picked up one of these. Jan 3, Posts: Plug and play has never been easier! Amazing range, like your own household fm station.


Company Policy can be found here. FCC approved as a lniex power unlicensed transmitter. A range of meters can be expected and, given a good antenna and FM receiver, meters can be expected.

LineX FM Transmitter | Ted’s Blog

I have been distracted by outside business and other affairs. Thus allowing for the simplest installation ever!

Please use contacts page to request details. It sends plenty of signal to cover my house even upstairs and in garage. The top of the FM range is less cluttered with stations. An electret microphone is used to add sensitivity.

Even if I did, there were many people there and fransmitter would have created a safety hazard if someone tripped over it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Just tune to his station and like magic you hear nothing except him beating his radio and changing the station.

Sat Apr 08, 5: I exchanged it for another model, also designed for cars, and got a similar result. Connecting XLR microphones to the 3.

Linex FM transmitter review

It is stable enough to use even with a digitally tuned FM receivers. The two stage transmitter has good range and the circuit powers do.


Circuit diagram and construction notes for a very nice 40 Watt FM Amplifier, with wide-band operational characteristics. The transmitter itself is digitally controlled and is extremely user friendly. I play it at home through my stereo so that I can control the volume, pause, and skip songs with the iPod close by, essentially using the iPod as a remote control.

Compared to the tunecast the signal is much cleaner with less distortion. Sep kinex, Posts: The next channel up is Fri Mar 31, 5: Output power is 50 Watts.

LineX FM Transmitter

I am still around and the online gadgets continue to accumulate, with over 60 reviews pending. Sep 20, Posts: Linex FM transmitter review 14 posts. Thu Apr 20, 6: Output power is Watts. If you have Trznsmitter input on the back not pre-outs you can get a cable and run it out of some place in the trznsmitter like the ashtray or get really fancy and make some kind of jack where you could plug a mini plug in.

Does it have a DC power input jack? The sound quality is not CD quality. Brief Blogs for Week Ending