TO N, P AND K FERTILIZATION IN THE NORTH OF OAXACA, MEXICO – A CASE STUDY. The response to NPK fertilization of six-year-old litchi trees, cultivar. Index terms Air layering; Litchi chinensis Sonn; propagation. Resumo Agriculture Tecnica in Mexico, México, v n, p. , TO N, P AND K FERTILIZATION IN THE NORTH OF OAXACA, MEXICO – A CASE _5 AN OVERVIEW OF LITCHI (LITCHI CHINENSIS) PRODUCTION BY.

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Lychee seeds contain methylenecyclopropylglycine which can cause hypoglycemiawhile outbreaks of encephalopathy in Indian and Lifchi children were linked to its consumption. Small drainage channels will be created and if possible the space will be re-arranged by covering the soil with a gravel layer or a permeable substrate.

Girdling or cinturing the stem before taking cuttings, block the downward translocation of carbohydrates, hormones, and other possible root promoting factors and can result in an increase in root initiation. Bengal prior to flower initiation in May, showed per cent rooting Paxton et al.

In order to ensure optimal emxico and create an atmosphere that will favor the development of the young plants, the following criteria will be respected: For application of IBA, several methods viz.

In China, popular cultivars include: This method is most commonly used for propagating litchi as it needs much less skill and force to operate. Propagation methods Propagation by seeds Litchi seed viability is extremely short.

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First, it possesses all the advantages of vegetative propagation methods, such as maintenance of the wanted traits of the to-be-propagated varieties, and early bearing due to no juvenile phase is present as scions are taken from plants in adult phase. To facilitate transplanting, they should be at a distance of not less than double their length sown around cm Propagation by air layering This is the most widely used propagation method for litchi and the one which gives the most successful results.


First, the grafted seedlings to be released should be true-to-type with all traits identical to their source cultivar. September 22, ; Accepted: If this is not possible, put them on a surface that is concreted, covered with gravel or with a film specially made to avoid the penetration of the roots into the soil. The raw sphagnum moss should be washed with tap water to remove excess of salts and kept in basket filled with water for hydration before use and the excess of water removed just by hand compression.

It also requires smooth cuts of the budwood and rootstock at the same angle, which need some skill.

Flora del Noroeste dé México – Litchi chinensis

To reach this size, the scion should have undergone at least two cycles of flush growth. Retrieved 24 November Yet, if different varieties lihchi produced, it is advised to label each plant in order to distinguish it from the others.

Greenhouses should be well isolated with double door of entrance and should have the possibility of a good ventilation and even cooling system as well as provided with nebulizing installations to increase humidity and protect from high temperatures during hot chinrnsis. Make sure that water draining is done properly.

A source of clean water must be used for watering the plants. After being separated from the fruit and removing the whole flesh, the seeds must be sown horizontally to a depth of Although propagation by cuttings is done in many countries and stooling has mexkco reported as highly successful in India, air layering is the most common commercial way of propagation for this species. Plant production at the nursery The litchi plants must be planted in an appropriate bag, as it may chinesnis in this container for many months before its transplantation onto the orchard.


Growth is best on well-drained, slightly acidic soils rich in organic ,exico and mulch. Retrieved 30 June Vegetative shoots may also be produced in spring or early summer on those branches which have not flowered.

It has a trend to produce low branches and litchi branches tend also to form V-shaped crosses, easily broken by wind, which makes appropriate training and pruning very important for this species. Litchi is a difficultto- root woody perennial species, requiring mwxico facilities like misting, temperature and humidity control for higher success in rooting.

After cutting the rooted branch from mother plant, the branch crown can be removed or maintained depending on the size of the nursery plant. The scion and rootstock are put together at the cut surface Fig.

Effects of shading and girdling on shoot growth and photosynthesis in litchi. Shoots from young mother plants usually rooted easily than older trees. Criteria for selection of aerial part scion and plant Scion materials are taken as budwoods from source trees litcni the to-be-propagated cultivar.

Experiment with propagation of the litchi Litchi chinensis in Israel. A wide range of cultivars are available, with early mexioc late maturing forms suited to warmer and cooler climates respectively. The fleshy, edible portion of the fruit is an arilsurrounding one dark brown inedible seed that is 1 to 3.