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Although the circuits are functional the pages are not meant to be full descriptions of each circuit but rather as guides for adapting them for use by others. This is especially true of circuits such as the “Across Track Infrared Detection” circuits and any other circuit that relies on other than direct electronic inputs, such as switches.

There Once Was an IC Dedicated to Blinking an LED

So when the coffee maker quit, I quickly extracted the blue LED without much of a fight not much else comes out without a fight. When Dwtasheet bench tested this, I decided datssheet change C1 and R2, since finding a 10 megohm resistor was impossible with my current stock. These resistors should be equal in value. The circuit showed no ill effects when R4 and R5 were increased to ohms. If you have a 2N with a higherit may stay on for a much shorter than calculated time, or even not come on at all if near 3V.

Lots of jitter but it will run for a long time.

LM Datasheet pdf – LED Flasher/Oscillator – National Semiconductor

LED, D1 is the output device of the circuit and flashes at the rate determined datxsheet the oscillator. There is always the grandson following, who may want to play with it when he gets of age. Just connect the LED on a solar panel and leave it outside. Transistors Q2A and Q2B are used as a current mirror, a type of current regulator. Some time around I potted one in epoxy with a D lm399.


Leithoa It was a joke, son. I would check the following in order: Oddly, when the battery expired on mine, it managed to take the IC out at the same time. There is no apparent reason that it shouldn’t work in the other circuits shown on the LM data sheet if the zener diode D1 is replaced. No toxic CdS required. Using discrete transistors for this application is not precise but will be acceptable in this circuit.

LM – price, delivery and datasheet for LM – Planet One Components – Stocking Distributor

To automatically turn the unit off, you know that either a capacitor charge or a digital circuit would be involved. This circuit has not been tested in any other mode other than that shown in the above schematic.

You may have one that needs a high gate voltage to conduct. I need to change the AA battery about once a year it seems. This is how modern LED datasheer got to be so efficient the bulb is datasjeet lit a small fraction of the time.

If we assume a threshold voltage of 2V, then the time for the to go from 3V to 2V represents about one third of the entire charge cycle for C1.

Swap the part for another requiring a lowerideally around 2V. Resistor R4 and R5 – Can be increased; causing the circuit to draw less current and slowing the flash rate slightly.


A digital circuit would be overkill and require much expense and circuitry for this tiny project. If it dayasheet badly, the circuit may never turn off.

The values of the resistors in the circuit can be adjusted to change various parameters of the circuit. Email required Address never made public. The values of the components were chosen from standard values to match as closely as possible those in the integrated circuit.

(PDF) LM3909 Datasheet download

Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Notice how few external components are involved: It still requires an external capacitor just like the original, but there is space on-board should you wish to put it there.

Also, if you took the time to look the chip up, some cells outlived their shelf life when flashing with it. To reactivate the flasher, we simply have a push button to temporarily short out C1.

So summarized, these were the design goals: The ohm value allowed capacitor C1 to discharge fully. The LM is still being sold on ebay, if you need to source them. Everything has limits, a 0. Thanks [Drew Fustini] For the tip.

datashheet It could flash an LED with a forward junction voltage that was over 1. Recreations of classic chips using discretes are nothing new, we recently brought you a reborn PSU regulator chip made in If you stood in front the the door and looked closely, you could see it blinking in the external lens.