Lord Shanmukha and His Worship. Front Cover. Swami Sivananda people are saying – Write a review. We haven’t found any reviews in the usual places. Kartikeya (IAST: Kārttikēya), also known as Murugan, Skanda, Kumara, and Subrahmanya, is the Hindu god of war. He is the son of Parvati and Shiva, brother of Ganesha, and a god whose life .. This has encouraged the worship of Murugan as a child-God, very similar to the worship of the child Krishna in north India. Lord Shanmukha and His Worship – The Divine Life Read more about skanda, siva, shanmukha, subrahmanya, devas and divine.

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Lord Subrahmanya and Lord Krishna are one. The grim fight between the two mighty armies then began. The Chandogya-Upanishad speaks of Shanmukha as Sanatkumaara. Before he was included in sanmukha Bhutaganas of Lord Siva, the Asura, Surapadma had been the just king Prabhakara, ruling over a big kingdom in the island of Sakas. The Divines wanted a marriage of Siva and Uma so that the war-God might be born to them and the demons Taaraka, Surapadma and Simhamukha might be killed.

God Subrahmanya listens to the prayers of the Jiva and liberates him from the clutches of the three foes, the three Gunas. This great declaration tells us beyond all doubt how it is the ultimate, complete eradication of the last traces of Ajnana or Maya that alone can bestow upon the Jiva the highest Kaivalya Moksha. It is regarded as a Mantra-Sastra, without an equal to it, and is held in high esteem by all. These boons were granted. He tries all his devices and worzhip that none of these could stand the onslaught of the divine Vel Spear of Lord Skanda.


Out of compassion the Lord brought back the dead Devas to life. Shiva father Parvati mother. Parvata Rajan Himalayasfather of Parvati, accordingly made preparation for the marriage; and it was duly performed on a lavish and grand scale.

Incidentally He also expounded to Lord Siva the same Mantra. God of War and Victory Commander of the Gods. He is the Supreme Brahman with six heads—the six Jnana Indriyas. Hiranyan now perceived that the days worshlp the glory of the Asura dynasty had been numbered. The dark forest is Tamas.

Parvati, out of the extreme fondness of a mother, took up the babes together and called them Skancla. On the way he came across an Asura, Veerasingan by name, who was ahanmukha ruler of Lanka. At this juncture, to the terror of Valli who had a dread of elephants, an elephant came rushing towards where they were standing in the field. Though desirous of hiis Thee, the glory and grace of Lord Siva, Yet, unable to bear You in the glowing Sparks, she hurried to leave You there.

When the Brahmakara Vritti is held to the exclusion of all other Vrittis, the Jiva ultimately leaps the barrier between Savikalpa and Nirvikalpa and is merged in the higher state of Turiya, where the Atman alone lordd resplendent, and there is no trace of Ajnana or Maya left over. The devotee gets mystical experiences.

Lord Shanmukha and His Worship – Swami Sivananda – Google Books

Veerabhadra rushed to the spot in great fury and dashed to pieces all the grand arrangements made for the Yajna; and almost all the participants fell a prey to his unbounded ire.

At the request of Dakshayani, Siva brought back all the dead to life.

This is brought out to us in a thrilling manner in the final episode of the Divine Skanda Lila wherein the Lord engages in battle and vanquishes the three great Asuras—Taraka, Simhamukha and Annd, representing Karma, Kama and Avidya, respectively. The king enjoyed much peace, plenty and prosperity by His grace. May we sing Kandaranubhuti daily!


Lord Shanmukha and His Worship

After that the Jiva is released and given the supreme status of identification with Para Brahman. Their husbands cursed them that they would become stars in the sky. Glory to His consorts Valli and Deivayanai! The peacock and cock tear asunder the veil hos Maya over the devotees and help them onwards on the path of God-realisation.

Lord Shanmukha and His Worship

He is then called by the name of Dandapani. The Puranas and the Itihasas were written by great sages to bring home and to popularise the hidden truths of the Vedas and the Upanishads. The Vel is the Jnana Sakti of the Lord. After a long and tough fight, he was overcome by superior forces; but through the influence of Maya, he disappeared again from the scene and was fighting with great destructive effect, himself unseen by his opponents.

They hymn Him, glorify Him and pray unto Him; and this is our next cue. In one of the discussions between Lord Siva and Parvati, the latter asserted herself very much and gave herself airs of too much self-importance. He is identified as Subrahmanya. Thus Surapadma and others took their births in the Asura dynasty and came to be known as Surapadma, Simhamukha and Taraka.