This one, detailed in a page chapter titled “Lydda, ,” concerns an alleged massacre of Palestinian Arabs that preceded an act of. chapter titled “Lydda, ,” concerns an alleged massacre of Palestinian Arabs another “massacre,” the one in April at the Arab village of Deir Yassin. Lydda, HOW DID ZIONISM ARRIVE IN THE VALLEY OF LYDDA? JUST AS IT. ARRIVED in some of Palestine’s other valleys and plains. In the autumn of.

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The massacre at Lyyda, while horrific, was no less horrific than its catalysts. In July Lydda and Ramle had a joint population of 50,—70, Palestinian Arabs, 20, of them refugees from Jaffa and elsewhere.

The fall of an Arab town in 1948

He died in There is even a photograph of him in the Lydda cemetery, pointing out where the bodies, according to him, were not buried but burned to ash. They say that a reconstruction of the battle suggests a “better, albeit more complex, explanation of the Arab losses” which also “casts severe doubt on, if lydd does not completely refute, the argument for the massacre in the al-‘Umari Mosque.

Israeli historian Anita Shapira writes that the raid was carried out on Dayan’s initiative without coordinating it with his commander. Then our work was taken from us and now we are unemployed. On whether what occurred in Lydda and Ramle constituted ethnic cleansing: Sheikh Mustafa, until recently the mayor of al-Ramla, had to make a decision from the family’s shuttered room.

What Happened at Lydda » Mosaic

That is, there was a feeling that there was a serious force there. NearlyJews immigrated to Israel between May and December from Europe, Asia and Africa, doubling the state’s Jewish population; in Israel passed the Law of Returnoffering Jews automatic citizenship.

The Israeli cabinet reportedly knew nothing about the expulsion plan until Bechor ShitritMinister for Minority Affairs, appeared unannounced in Ramle on 12 July. Rabin’s commander, Yigal Allon, described the military advantages of those expulsions in a Israeli military journal.

The Arab side, under the influence of the British, ltdda adhered to the embargo, and thus King Abdullah’s fighters, at the end of the ceasefire, found themselves almost out of bullets. That the Ramle residents were supplied buses by the Kiryati brigade, see Morris On July 13,thousands of Arabs left their homes in Lydda now Lod and marched in the heat of the summer toward Ramallah, then held by the Arab Legion.

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Just admit you always want the Palestinian Niggers dead and lydra Land for your own Jews-only towns and have no intention of living in peace and justice with Palestinians. Vadim, this is basic hasbara, no more, no less.

But it called for “aiming control of the areas of Jewish settlement and concentration which ludda located outside the borders”, and for occupation of “enemy bases lying directly close to the borders which may be used as springboards for infiltration into the territory of the state. Villages depopulated during the Palestinian exodus.

The Banality of Evil as Hannah Arendt described it of the same evil in a different lydfa. Share on facebook Share on twitter.

The second false premise is that prime minister David Ben-Gurion issued a top-down order to Yigal Allon, head of the Palmach, to expel the Arab inhabitants. Morris writes they had concluded that living under Israeli rule was not sustainable. Quoting from Kadish and Sela’s paper, John W. As a result, their policy was haphazard and circumstantial, depending in part on the location, but also on the religion and ethnicity of the town.

Shavit made this claim about the conduct of Palmach soldiers after the counter-attack on the small mosque: First, they fled because they were projecting: Gefen says some in the mosque were killed, some were wounded.

Sandy Tolan is the author of The Lemon Tree: For Ben-Gurion and the two thorns, see Morrispp. The surrender document declares that the Arab residents of the town could choose to leave, “if they want to”; implicit, and understood by parties from both sides who signed the agreement, was that the Arabs could also choose to stay.

Six of his men were killed and 21 were wounded.

The continuous arresting and torturing of children? As a result, Abdullah ordered the Legion to assume a defensive position only, and most of the Legionnaires in Lydda withdrew during the night of 11—12 July. Within a few hours, a stream of refugees made its way to the east, emptying the city. Amazingly, both in his book and in the lyddq published in the New YorkerShavit makes not a single mention of the 19488 station or of the battle surrounding it.


The town dignitaries were assembled and after discussion, decided to surrender. Republic of Letters Publishing.

Zochrot – The Fall of Lydda, Impressions and Reminiscences

In Lydda and Ramle, the Arab Legion continued to attack Israeli outposts in the hope of reconnecting with their troops in Lydda, he said. I did not receive such permission and did not give such orders. Morris writes that the situation of thePalestinian Arabs who became refugees that summer—not only those from Lydda and Ramle—was dire, camping in public buildings, abandoned barracks, and under trees. Gelber disagrees with Morris’s analysis, arguing that Ben-Gurion’s agreement with Shitrit and Shertok is evidence that expulsion was not his intention, rather than evidence of his duplicity, as Morris implies.

As Gutman wrote a few months after the events:. After a half-hour of intense fire, the battle died down. The order came down to suppress the incipient uprising with withering fire. Allon, however, had a different task for him, and appointed him governor of the occupied town, in charge of the unpleasant task of ethnically cleansing it.

The Red Cross was due to visit the area, but the new Israeli military governor of Ramle issued an order to have the visit delayed. The Economist wrote on 21 August that year: The interviewer, trying to set the scene for later events at the small mosque, wanted first to establish its status.

The small mosque came under Israeli control on the first day, and it was among the places in which Israeli soldiers detained Arab civilians. Lydda was the Latin form of its name, which it was widely known by. The exchange of gunfire led residents and Arab fighters to believe the Legion had arrived in force, and those still armed started firing at the Israelis too.