The Réseau de Résistance du Québécois (RRQ) is a small fringe Quebec nationalist group founded in that advocates Quebec sovereignty. In , the RRQ claimed a membership of people. The RRQ have released a manifesto, called “Manifeste du Réseau de One reading was the FLQ Manifesto written by the paramilitary organization. 5 oct. , complot entre le FLQ et des Noirs américains pour dynamiter de Cross et la cellule de Libération demande la lecture du Manifeste à. La cellule Libération du FLQ, ayant participée à la crise d’Octobre – site lui qui fut l’un des principaux rédacteurs du Manifeste d’octobre en

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Manifste of the members were organized and trained by Georges Schoetersa Belgian revolutionary. The crowd of RRQ supporters demonstrated their opposition to the Canadian monarchy. The RCMP had intercepted intelligence relating to the planned riots, and prevented excessive damage. The KGB, which had established contact with the FLQ before [ citation needed ]later forged documents to portray them as a CIA false flag operation [ citation needed ]a story that gained limited traction among academic sources before declassified Soviet archives revealed the ruse [ citation needed ].

Fllq October 17, callers to a radio station announced that Laporte had been murdered and divulged the location of a map which led to the discovery of his body. Flpp.

Front de libération du Québec

The group was recruited among various sources, eventually recruiting one Mario Bachand. Manifexte operation was so successful that Canada’s prime minister believed that the CIA had conducted operations in Canada. This may have led to a more socialist FLQ attitude. It gained the support of many left-leaning students, teachers and academics up towho engaged in public strikes in solidarity with FLQ during the October crisis.


Retrieved 11 April But ultimately, the responsibility for all of this is the people who concocted this dim-witted plan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Montreal Stock Exchange BombingTwo kidnappings of government officialsvarious others. Check date values in: Several persons who were detained were initially denied access to legal counsel. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source.

The support and political capacity of the Foq changed drastically during the s.

Retrieved 13 August The ideology was based on an extreme form of Quebec nationalism that manifesge Anglo exploitation and control of Quebec, combined with Marxist-Leninist ideas and arguments. Jean concert for the St.

Front de libération du Québec – Wikipedia

Laporte was coming from a meeting with others where they had discussed the demands of the FLQ. The potential for violence was there. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Regeneration, Recruitment and Attrition. The general public overwhelmingly supported the emergency powers and the presence of the military in Quebec. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. It’s the patriotic celebration of Quebec started by a Quebec patriot, Ludger Duvernay inand it’s like an oppression seeing groups sing here in English.

Various cells emerged over time: The Anatomy of an Underground Movement. Battlefields Commission backs down”.

Managing Terrorism and Insurgency: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. By the early s, most of the imprisoned FLQ members had been paroled or released. This public support largely ended after the group announced manigeste had executed Laporte, in a public communique that ended with an insult of the victim.

Chronology of incidents of terroristic, quasi-terroristic attacks, and political violence in the United States: However, despite this admission, Trudeau declared in his statement to the press that in order to deal with the unruly radicals or “revolutionaries,” the federal government would invoke the War Measures Actthe only time the country used these powers during peacetime.


The Sword and the Shield: A group of six individuals, two of whom were brothers of FLQ manfieste arrested in Robert Hudon and Jean Gagnoncommenced a series of crimes in Quebec mnifeste a period between September 26,and April 9, Of the people who were arrested, were eventually released without being charged. But so were they. Public Violence in Canada.

In an impromptu interview with Tim Ralfe and Peter Reilly on the steps of Parliament, Pierre Trudeau, responding to a question manofeste how extreme his implementation of the War Measures Act would be, Trudeau answered, “Well, just watch me.

Retrieved from ” https: Montreal Gazette, May 21, Flag of the FLQ. Those members of the FLQ who had fled began returning to Canada from late untiland most received light sentences for their offences. His release was negotiated and on December 3,five of the FLQ members were granted their request for safe passage to Cuba by the Government of Canada after approval by Fidel Castro.

Réseau de Résistance du Québécois – Wikipedia

Clark, Irwin, et Co. A botched gun robbery August 29,resulted in two deaths. Nigel Barry Hamer, a British radical socialist and FLQ sympathizer, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 duu in jail. Some detainees were released within hours, while others were held for up to 21 days. Retrieved 12 April Montreal Manifestw, April 22, The group split into two over what plans should be taken, but were reunited during the crisis itself.